Tiny House – Charming Hill Country Hammock House

In this episode, we will see a Charming Hill Country Tiny House with Unique Hammock

Tiny house

Welcome to the Hammock House this spot is located in Round Mountain, Texas, United State, it’s about an hour outside of Austin and this area is just so beautiful.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This hammock house is quite modern and beautiful the black wood exterior design is gorgeous and the main space of this tiny house is the hammocks, it is up on the second level it’s off the deck.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is very modern and stylish design there are concrete floors
this is all an open space there’s a lot of lighting in here and they keep things simple in here.

The Kitchen

This kitchen goes all along this back wall it is a beautiful concrete countertop you got the cabinets below that have everything you would need.

There is one single shelf right above with all of your dishes and mugs and then on the right side, there is your coffee, your stovetop, and then your sink.

The Living Area of the Tiny House

There is an L-shaped couch with a couple of coffee tables and a chair here this is a nice spot to chill out and read some books and on the other side, you have a small dining table for two people.

The bathroom

This is a modern bathroom you have a concrete sink right under the huge round mirror and a beautiful vanity of course your toilet and then you can walk into your huge walk-in shower that is all concrete with beautiful black fixtures.

The King Bedroom

There is a king bedroom that is quite spacious you got a king-size bed right in the middle with beautiful linens that go all around your bed it’s so charming and comfortable.

There is a dresser on the right side to store your clothes and a spot to hang your clothes and then on the other side, you have a small couch to enjoy with a coffee table as well.

The main part of this tiny house is your hammock space, you have two massive hammocks to enjoy at any time of the day you can sit up here and lay in these hammocks and read, and it is just one of the most relaxing spaces.

The Outdoor Space

The first part of this hammock house is the fire pit it is just for two people but it is so cozy and romantic it’s a nice spot to roast some s’mores and then you have a grill over here as well.

The best of the outdoor space is your outdoor soaking tub which is situated in the most pristine perfect spot the sun rises right behind it and it’s just beautiful.

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