Tiny House – Charming Enchanted Hideaway Tiny House

In this episode, we will see a Charming Enchanted Hideaway Tiny House

Today we are in Fredericksburg, Texas it is a great spot because it’s only a block away from the main strip so you can just walk to the downtown area and it’s just a great location. Tiny house charming enchanted hideaway tiny house

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The front side of this tiny house looks like a garage the owners did a great job of renovating it to make it look like a tiny home.

The first thing is the beautiful front porch area you have a couple of seating options with the wood pillars right here it very enhances the home.

Inside of the Tiny House

We will start with the living room it’s an open concept design it’s is a pretty spacious living room you got some seating options, your windows your front windows you can close it if you want to get more privacy.

Continue along you have a barn wood sliding door that leads to your closet and then the main attraction of this living room is the fireplace and your TV it’s a nice place.Tiny house

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is a very stylish design you got a farm-style sink right in the middle and some cabinets below and you got a little mini fridge and a microwave.Tiny house
On this side, you got your coffee and then your floating shelf that has more dishes and stuff in it and on the other side you got a beautiful dining table with some chairs.

The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is about the same size as the living room there is a king-sized bed right in the middle and has an end table at the end.There are two sides, tables on each side this is also a pretty minimal master bedroom and the last part is your chicken wire headboard on the bed head as well.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very spacious and stylish you got a hot tub in the middle with the beautiful tiling and then you got your vanity on the right it is a beautiful and clean vanity.

On this side, there is a toilet and then you got your shower as well, it’s a walk-in shower it is very modern and spacious.

The Outdoor Space

The last part of this tiny house is your outdoor space it’s a very cozy space for you there is a hot tub and your huge fireplace area with two comfy chairs and the table you can enjoy and chill here with your family or your friend.

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