Tiny house built by millennials 4 affordable home ownership

In the episode, we will see a Tiny house built by millennials for affordable home ownership located in GLOUCESTER, MA.

This Tiny house we chose to do cedar siding we liked the quality of the wood we like how it ages we really want to do this Shosugiban method on the house it helps with pest control and makes it less flammable it was definitely a labor of love it’s a long process but we really love how it turned out, and the loft inside as well to create a little more storage space.

Tiny house

The Living Room of this Tiny House

This living room has a big TV here we got art everywhere and we kind of spend a lot of our time here watching a movie and hanging out this is one of our sleeper sofas so we have a total of one overnight guest but it’s nice to have that option another thing that was really fun, and you can find the Dickinson marine heater.

Tiny house

The bedroom loft is down which is why so deep up three so the bed sinks in the framing so we climb right onto the mattress we don’t have any hardwood that we’re climbing on.

Tiny house

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

There’s your kitchen so all around you can see the kitchen a little bit better on this side we got our pantry space on our counter top this was also another special in countertop was also another special piece that we got this slab from a local person in Massachusetts and it spans the entirety of our kitchen.

we’ve got a piece at the end that lifts up so we can fill our water tank from the top it that needs to happen or if there’s overflowing we need to clean up and then we got a fridge it’s not quite a full size but it’s plenty of room and we have a full size sink it’s really nice.

Tiny house

The Bathroom

This is your bathroom this is a smaller space but we have an incinerating toilet and on the side of the bathroom we have a shower nice big space in here our ladder that we used to get up the secondary loft is not the fanciest but definitely the most convenient for the shower we ended up going with this versatile tile it a stone finish but it is very light.

Tiny house

And we have our extra household things it has tools this is because of that extra bump out on the outside trailer we were able to really get a lot of usable space back here with this feature.

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