Tiny House – Beautiful Dreamy Tiny Cottage In The Woods.

In this episode, we will see a Beautiful Dreamy Tiny House In The Woods

Tiny house beautiful dreamy tiny cottage in the woods

This beautiful dreamy tiny house is located in Nashville, Tennessee, United State, it’s just a few minutes from Berry Hill and South Nashville.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This beautiful tiny house sits on a charming property surrounded by woods, trees, and nature.Tiny house beautiful dreamy tiny cottage in the woods

The outside of this tiny house looks like a little cottage built of wood everywhere you can see it is very tiny, and you will be able to see that they use the space in this place very effectively.

Inside the Tiny House

Walk into this beautiful home you can see that there’s a lot of space in here and it’s very open the ceiling is quite high and it’s a stylish design.

The Living Area

The living area of this tiny house is very unique there is a daybed right in the middle also used as a couch and kind of seating area and it’s perfect for one person sleeping here.

There is a projector mounted under the slopped to watch whatever you want it’s a genius idea.

On the corner side, is your additional seating area there is a little table and two comfy chairs and above that is a huge mirror and a ladder leading to the loft area.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen area is pretty beautiful and stylish design there is a countertop space that includes a beautiful deep sink and microwave and underneath that, there are a lot of cabinets.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty massive it has everything that you have in a normal bathroom it has a giant clawfoot bathtub with a shower and right behind that is your toilet.

The Loft Area

The last area of this home is the loft space there is a queen-size bed right in the middle
and a little storage piece on either side and then you have beautiful art at the bedhead and then a huge window in the ceiling.

This seating area is located on the deck of the tiny house
This seating area is located on the deck of the tiny house

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