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Tiny House Beach House on Wheels is Bright Functional

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In the episode, we will see a Tiny Beach House on Wheels is Bright, Functional, and Available for Rent located in Canada.

The tiny house at ting digs is 16 feet long but they have a different roof shape so you can see that there’s actually staying in here, so this tiny house is so bright and airy on the side but it has the traditional roof pitch and dormers Beach.

In this place so you can see how bright is here because of all the windows and because they’ve chosen to paint the walls white and use light flooring as well Another thing you’ll notice when you come inside is that there’s a step-down, We think is pretty cool so even though these are only feet long they feet pretty spacious because they’re so wide compared to a typical tiny house.

the living room of this tiny house

In the living room we have a beautiful couch it’s a great way to have a downstairs sleep space and since there are nightly rentals that’s a big benefit for some people.

The bathroom of the tiny house

This tiny house is actually the sink vanity. They put a piece of glass on top of a cabinet that I’m assuming they built, but inside the glasses were like a display case. And since we have a beach theme going on here, we got seashells in the sand, which is pretty cool. And then um, a glass sink glass is not necessarily recommended if you’re going to be travelling a lot with your tiny house.

These are flush toilets, in all six of the tiny houses at the tiny digs hotel. Um, so they had to get sewer put in here and we are in the middle of Portland. So that is pretty cool that they were able to do that. But also probably very expensive.

Tiny house

The loft

In the loft, the roof pitch changes. So you get a little bit more headroom. Got a queen size bed up here, and a couple more windows, which makes the space again feel really bright and I do like the detail that they’ve put here on the railing, gives it that nautical beach theme.

Tiny house

There’s your kitchen with just a two-burner stove and a small sink, some kitchen storage over here, and another purchased piece of furniture. You can find furniture and down here they have the refrigerator.

Tiny house

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