Tiny House – Amazing Wagon Style Tiny Cabin

In this episode, we will see an Amazing Wagon Style Tiny House in the Wood

This amazing wagon-style tiny house is built by Nick he is a professional carpenter
and this house is located on Salt Spring Island.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is just a 17-foot trailer and it’s a modified boat trailer it’s eight feet wide the roof of this tiny house was like a traditional bow-top wagon and it was made of canvas. There is a window on the side with a barrel shape and it has a dormer on it as well made it pretty difficult to waterproof the canvas roof and a tiny door on the front side with a half window.

The Interior of the Tiny House

You come in the front door which is a dutch door so you can hang out at the front door.

The kitchen is here on the left it’s a pretty small space there is a beautiful and unique countertop space next to the wall. There is a sink right below the window and then your stovetop and a microwave underneath
and some dishes the pantry and fridge are on the right followed by the coat closet.

On this side, is your desk it has a secondary desk on top so you can stand and work then there’s the wardrobe and the fireplace on the left the wood stove is cool.

The Bedroom Space

There is a couch in the back it’s just a fold-out couch so you can sleep here it’s very comfortable and then right above that is a huge window that brings the natural light into this house.

The Outdoor Space

This is a tiny house but you still have an outdoor space as well there is an outdoor seating and a coffee table and then you got some plants with a storage and a grill and then the string light above that.Tiny house

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