Tiny House A-Frame Cabin in the Mountains

Tiny House A-Frame Cabin in the Mountains

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In this episode, we will talk about a Tiny House A-Frame Cabin in Swannanoa, North Carolina, United States.

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Tiny House A-Frame Cabin is a unique type of cabin that is popular for people who are looking for a more compact, low-impact living space.

A-Frame Cabin is a small, lightweight structure that is typically made from a series of modular pieces that can be assembled on-site. This type of cabin is easy to transport and can be set up in minutes using basic construction tools.

The back porch is perfect for watching the sunset over the mountains. Start a campfire in the fire pit and lounge the evening away in the hammock. Enjoy your day!

The Back Porch of the Tiny House
The Back Porch

The Space of this Tiny House

  • A 14‘x14‘ (250 square foot) Rustic Tiny Home with a Back Porch
  • The Fire Pit
  • 1 Bedroom (Double Bed)
  • Half-bath
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • 1 Sofa Bed
  • A Hammock
The Front door | The entrance to the house.. Tiny House A-Frame Cabin
The Front door | The entrance to the house.

The Living Room

When you walk in here you come into the main space that kind of has everything for you over here is this quite little dining area and then right next to the dining area is the
a wood-burning stove that you can use in the cold months.

On this side, you’ve got a huge couch with a bunch of reading material and some little games back here including Jenga.

The Living Room and Wood Stove of the Tiny House
The Living Room and Wood Stove
Dining Table and Ladder
Dining Table and Ladder

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

In the kitchen, they have everything basic that you need including bugs cups bowls plates pot pan a burner with a kettle.

And there’s a little jar of coffee that makes exactly one French press so it’s already measured out for you you just pop it in here in the morning with your hot water.

This is your sink and it actually drains outside so make sure you don’t put any food down there down here they have a cooler.

They do provide an ice pack that lasts about a day or two here is your shower so you actually have this black bag that you’ll go and fill up with hot water and you hang it outside on the deck.

The Kitchen, Front Door and Window Seat
The Kitchen, Front Door, and Window Seat

The Deck

You can have an outdoor shower with this thing out here you’ve got this precious private deck with a couple of chairs and a bench.

There’s a hook for your shower one thing to note is there is no air conditioning however you can open up all of these gigantic windows to let some air in and then they have a fan inside.

Let’s go check out the back so this little ladder over this corner leads you up to the coziest little bed ever It’s just so cozy up here.

The Sleeping Loft
The Sleeping Loft

The outside back out here we’ve got a couple of things as well so If you’re wondering where the bathroom is it’s this way simple easy pull through so essentially a composting toilet you do your business.

The Outside Area
The Outside Area
There's a hammock connected to a huge beach tree which is really beautiful.
There’s a hammock connected to a huge beach tree which is really beautiful.

Feel the mountain breeze in this air-inspired rustic A-Frame. Enjoy year-round views of the mountains from the back porch atop the ridge. You can rent this A-frame cabin for $110 per night.

The Back Window
The Back Window
The Fire Pit
The Fire Pit
The Starling
The Starling | Image Courtesy of Airbnb

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