Tiny House-400-square-foot Kapwa Cabin!

Tiny House-400-square-foot Kapwa Cabin!

In this episode, we will see the Tiny house-400square feet Kapwa Cabin!

Tiny House-400-square-foot Kapwa Cabin!
Kapwa is an indigenous Filipino word that means kindred or shared humanity.

We are located in Swannanoa, North Carolina, which is about 15 minutes from Asheville North Carolina, Kapwa is a recently renovated 400-square-foot cabin surrounded by beautiful nature.

The layout for this tiny house is pretty good all the spaces are separated from each other
which makes the space feel more comforting.

The Kitchen Of This Tiny House

The first thing about this tiny house is the kitchen it’s very small but has all your necessities from an oven slash range a sink and a mini fridge in the corner.

The floating shelves above this it’s oakwood by the owner the dishwasher sits up here and on this wall are a bunch of wooden utensils.

Full-size kitchen and Countertop space.
Full-size kitchen and Countertop space.

The dining area behind this with a huge window you can look out while you eat also great for some natural lighting the beautiful wood craftsmanship continues with the table and the wood trim all around this window.

The dining area with a huge window..
The dining area with a huge window.

The Bathroom Of This Tiny House

This is a long skinny bathroom that has the toilet against this wall with the wooden shelves above, your vanity, and the tiled shower on the other side this tile is an olive green hexagon tile.

Full-size bathroom space.
Full-size bathroom space.

The shower with beautiful Hexagon tiling.
The shower with beautiful Hexagon tiling.

The beautiful Hexagon tiling.

The Living Space

This living space is spacious and bright, on the right side there’s a king-size bed, and the window also helps a lot with the lighting in here.

The walnut wood platform holds this bed up and has some storage shelves underneath this in the baskets, the wood at the head of the bed is a wormy maple.

The King-size bed with the huge window.
The King-size bed with a huge window.

This living space has a couch area with more storage and a shelf above it with some artwork and a nightstand behind the couch, making this room cozier.

The Loft Area

This loft area is very beautiful you have a hammock that you can chill in here and the artwork on the wall was done by the host who even incorporates these lights with it to look very neat.

The Outside Area

This outside area of this tiny house also has a fire pit area where you can sit out here and be by the fire there’s even a grill out here to enjoy with your friends whenever you come in here or with your family.

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