Tiny Home – Tiny Luxury Lord Of The Ring Hobbit Home.

In this episode, we will see a Luxury Lord Of The Ring Tiny Home.

This tiny hobbit home is located in Treehouses of Serenity it’s just 10 minutes outside of Asheville, North Carolina, and 90% of this home is built into the earth. Tiny home tiny luxury lord of the ring hobbit home

The Exterior of the Tiny Home

This adorable hobbit home is under the hill it’s about 90% underneath the ground, you walk down this beautiful path it’s lined all with stones on the ground.The gorgeous stone work all around with the beautiful two cool doors on the facade, and then on the other side, you have a sweet fire pit set up with the beautiful view of Smoky Mountains.

The Living Room of the Tiny Home

This is the main living room area it’s about 800 square feet of living space in total, comprised of the bedroom, and the bathroom.

On the left side, there is a fireplace waiting for you it’s the perfect spot to cozy up with a book during the colder months.

There is a bunch of stuff and a TV above that and on the other side of this room you have a large couch on the corner with gigantic red pillows.On this side, you have a comfy couch right in the middle and above that, there is a bunch of quote book and then your coffee table.

The Kitchen of the Tiny Home

This is a beautiful rustic kitchen you have your kitchen table right in the middle with four stools surrounding it.There is a huge countertop next to the wall filled with a bunch of goodies and essential kitchen supplies and on the left side is your full-size fridge

The Bathroom

This bathroom is a very spacious and rustic design you have a toilet right in the middle and your vanity on the left with a huge sink and a mirror above that.

On this side, is your shower it’s a spacious shower you got the beautiful tiling it’s stone works all around.

The Main Bedroom

Welcome to the master bedroom there are so many cool features, you have a comfy king-size bed in the middle with three light bulbs above.On the other side, you have a floating nightstand and then a space to hang up your towels
with stone work along the walls it’s very unique design.

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