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Tiny Home – Luxury 450sqft Custom Built With Unique Hot Tub.

In this episode, we will see a Luxury 450sqft Custom Built Tiny Home With Unique Hot Tub Design.

This luxury, custom-built tiny home, is located in Barneveld, New York, United States.
This luxury, custom-built tiny home, is located in Barneveld, New York, United States.

The outside of this tiny home is very beautiful you have a blanket of snow, and there is a large outdoor patio space, it’s about 600 square feet of exterior patio space in total.

There is a gigantic fire pit it’s made up of 20 of 30 smaller flames that all create this one big rectangle, it’s very easy to turn on, you just hit one switch. This is your hot tub it is very spacious and unique you also have a beautiful view and on the top of the roof is the handcrafted lighting fixture it is very beautiful.

The Bathroom of The Tiny Home

The first room of the inside of this tiny home is your bathroom there is a double vanity with two pedestal sinks and across from that is a super fancy toilet and behind that is your shower it’s so much subway tile in one bathroom.tiny home tiny home tiny home

This skylight window is very unique and makes this bathroom feel cozier.

The Kitchen of The Tiny Home

This kitchen is very unique you have these two plush green chairs at the edge of the counter and you have all of your meals there.

This kitchen has a twin countertop space that is very cool there is a sink in the middle it’s very sleek and deep and on the other side there is your coffee maker and dishwasher and right behind that is your full-size refrigerator.

The Living Space With The Bedroom

In this living area, you have a very comfy leather couch waiting for you also the painting above the couch and the long opposite wall is your large smart TV. tiny homeOn this side is your bedroom space in combination with your living area there is a beautiful bed in the middle, it is very comfortable with the towel waiting for you. This is a huge window it is very important to this shipping container to make it cozy and bright and on the right of this window, there is a table with a chair for you to do some work.

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