Tiny Cottage – The Cozy Modern Mountain Stone Cottage

In this episode, we will see The Cozy Modern Mountain Tiny Cottage in Tennessee.

Welcome to The Cozy Modern Mountain Stone Cottage located in Cookeville, Tennessee, United States this place is a cozy and beautiful place for you to relax and reset your mind.

The Exterior

This tiny cottage sits on a beautiful property there is nature everywhere surrounding it that makes you feel cozy. This cottage is called the stone cottage because it’s built of stone you have a deck that spans across the entire front side and you can see it even goes around on this left side. There is a huge window in the front with a beautiful wood door and a couple of chairs for you to enjoy the view.

Inside the Tiny Cottage

The inside, of this tiny cottage, is an open floor plan concept the ceiling is very tall the vaulted ceilings make this place feel huge. On this side, is your living space you got a comfortable couch right next to the window and then your comfy chairs right behind that and in the middle is your dining table with four seating options.

The Kitchen of the Tiny Cottage

The first thing you will notice is the live wood edge countertop this is very beautiful there is a huge sink with a gold faucet even a stove and a floating shelve and a lot of cabinets below and even a full-size fridge.

The Loft Bedroom

This loft space is quite spacious and bright and airy there is a king-size bed it’s very comfortable and you also have a smaller bed here in the corner you can fit a lot of people here if you need. Right across from that is your desk with a chair on which you can do some work in here.

The Bathroom of the Tiny Cottage

This bathroom is quite spacious and beautiful the first one on the right is the huge beautiful vanity with the live wood edge even the black cabinets underneath. There is a toilet right behind that and then you have your beautiful bathtub and shower space this bathtub is an incredible jacuzzi bathtub.

The Main Bedroom

This is the last room of this tiny cottage you have a huge bed and huge windows on both of these walls they both have sliding doors so you can watch the sunset in here as well.Tiny cottage

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