Tiny Cabin Converted from a Century-Old Barn

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In this episode, we will see a Tiny Cabin Converted from a Century-Old Barn

tiny century-old cabin
tiny century-old cabin

We continued to discover for you. Our Tiny House on today’s tour is tiny cabin converted from a century-old barn from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This tiny century-old cabin was built in 1890 as a coach house and, a horse stable in the backyard of the main house, and it’s had many uses over the years before being converted into this tiny living space.

It’s pretty unusual to find a space like this that feels like belongs in the countryside just a few steps away from a busy street in the city.
To get to the cabin you walk down a path that runs beside the main house
into a fenced-in yard that blocks out the busy surroundings and creates
a sense of tranquility.

Outdoor space & seating options. (tiny century-old cabin)
Outdoor space & seating options.

There’s a terrace with a pergola and a lot of seating for spending time outdoors
when the weather’s nice.

Inside the cabin

When you enter through the dutch door with a stained glass window, you come across the whole space it’s pretty tiny, the main floor is just 270 square feet with another 77 square feet in the loft.

The small entrance of the cabin is very beautiful, there’s a long narrow table that’s great for putting things down when you came in, there’s also plenty of room below to store shoes and boots, and there are a few small hooks to hang keys and, the right side of the main door is a massive closet which is the main storage for the cabin.

Massive sliding barn doors add a bit of a rustic design element. (tiny century-old cabin)
Massive sliding barn doors add a bit of a rustic design element.

Two big sliding barn doors add a bit of a rustic design element, behind the door on the right is a built-in closet organizer with plenty of space for storing clothes and other belongings and, behind the door on the left is a stacked washer and dryer which is great to have in here, and, the rough sawn wood from the doors also echoes the rest of the exposed planks that are in the space.

Gorgeous handmade closet.
Gorgeous handmade closet.

Stacked washer and dryer.
Stacked washer and dryer.

The living space area

There’s a large three-seater couch that is super comfortable, behind the couch, are two large windows for bringing natural light and for letting in air, the coffee table is an old storage chest that was converted, the top can pop up and it’s nice because it gives you access to all the storage underneath and it could also be used as a table for eating a meal or working on a project while sitting on the couch.

The spacious and cozy living room.
The spacious and cozy living room.

Main living space.
Main living space

A large three-seater couch. (tiny century-old cabin)
A large three-seater couch.

Old storage chest. (tiny century-old cabin)
Old storage chest.

Behind the couch, there’s a wood stove and it does add a lot of character to the space and, it’s great to have a source of radiant heat. This is only one of four heating sources in this cabin, the main source of heat is an in-floor radiant heating system there’s also an electric wall heater a portable oil heater, and also a wood stove.

The old wood stove.(tiny century-old cabin)
The old wood stove.

Along the wall there’s a dresser for storage and, there’s also a little dog cubby built into it the owner used to have a dog, above that there’s a shelf and also wall-mounted TV that can be angled toward the couch, and, there’s beautiful the spiral staircase that leads to the sleeping loft.
Dresser storage. (tiny century-old cabin)

Full kitchen

The kitchen and everything are set up along one wall and even though it’s a small space there are all the modern conveniences there’s a full-size stove and oven a small dishwasher, a large sink, and, a fridge and freezer, there’s a lot of open storage in this kitchen there’s a space to hang pots and pans and, there are three long shelves to store all the dishes and some dry goods.


All appliances of the kitchen. (tiny century-old cabin)
All appliances of the kitchen.

Behind the countertop is a floor-to-ceiling pantry so lots of space to store a bunch of food and down below space to store kitchen appliances. Almost everything in this cabin is handmade and customized by the owner, the countertop of the kitchen was a DIY project made out of cement and coated with epoxy, all the storage cabinets down below are also handmade. All these little details help make the space functional but also more unique.

Dining area

Across from the kitchen is a small dining area this is not the kind of spot where you’ll sit for hours and hours but it’s nice to be able to have a meal or maybe set up a laptop to do some work, and, this is also one of the warmest spots in the cabin because the heater is on the wall right next to it.

A tiny dining table & a couple chairs. (tiny century-old cabin)
A tiny dining table & a couple of chairs.

Full Bathroom

The bathroom is pretty small but there’s everything necessary there’s a flush
the toilet, across from the toilet there’s a large bowl sink with a vanity underneath
and then some built-in storage next to it on the wall, and the shower is quite
spacious it’s about four feet long and pretty much the only thing that might be missing
here for some people is a bathtub.

A beautiful tiny bathroom.(tiny century-old cabin)
A beautiful tiny bathroom.

This full size shower is very large and very beautiful. (tiny century-old cabin)
full-size shower.

Full loft area

On the left, there’s a king-size bed, and, there’s still enough space on the side to move
around the head of the bed there’s a bit of storage for books there are two reading lights
and plugs for charging devices, and at the foot of the bed there’s a large storage area with
a barn-style door.

king-size bed in the loft it's very massive and beautiful. (Tiny Cabin Converted from a Century-Old Barn)
king-size bed on the loft.

This loft is very open the lights are coming in and, reaching the loft you can see the whole
living room and the beautiful chandelier that’s above the couch.

It was enjoyed to spending time in this space even though it has all the modern amenities
it still retains the nostalgic charm of a building with a long history, it makes you feel like
you relax and unwind here.

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