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Beautiful Shipping Container House

This beautiful shipping container house is painted black and combined with the wood, it looks super beautiful with the massive cover deck. The outside porch area is covered by the light all around, at night gives the nice cabin a cozy vibe, the first thing on the right is a massive swing bed it’s amazing and comfortable for taking naps. The right next is the wood for the campfire and seating area for the couple to sit and chill. On the outside also has a grill for grilling in the summer or any time, and, the last is the gorgeous hot tub that you can use any time of the year it is super clean and large. The inside of this beautiful shipping container home is very spacious and roomy it feels intimate it doesn’t feel cramped and crowded.

Living space area

The main living room of this container home has a lot of appliances and furnishing there is a white fireplace fit with the wall above of it has a diary book and a smart TV it’s the swing to left and right as well. Behind the Tv is a comfy couch and a pretty cool seating area and a table looks fantastic and it’s so comfortable to eat breakfast or dinner. In front of this couch is a garage door that you can open up this garage door it’s automatic it’s very huge and incorporates the people outside with the inside.

Living space & Beautiful furnishings. Container house
Living space & Beautiful furnishings.

Modern Tiny Kitchen

The kitchen of this home has attention to detail to the next level everything is super high quality, at the kitchen, has a lot of countertop space and lots of cabinets got a well-designed all the cabinets have the utilities or utensils that you need for anything that you need in the kitchen the only thing that is missing in an oven but this kitchen also has a stovetop and a microwave for anything else you might need they do have pots and pans and a lot of things, the aesthetic fridge is on the right side that fits this vibe of a home and above this fridge is a cabinet. This massive sink that is right in front of the huge windows lets in tons of natural light it makes the home feel a lot cozier and the side behind the kitchen has a lot of towels and free slippers for the hot tub.

Modern Tiny Kitchen.
Modern Tiny Kitchen.

The Bathroom of Container house

The bathroom of this cabin is very large it is super sleek and modern on the left
is a beautiful sink and right behind it is a toilet and above all of the amenities
for the bathroom, over to the left of that is a huge shower with a bright tile design
it’s very clean and cozy.

The Bedroom

The last part of the home is a master bedroom it’s the only bedroom in this cabin but it’s very lovely the huge window on the right bed for a ton of natural lights and makes this place feels even larger, you can wake up to the sunrise in the morning and enjoy your time. This modern container home looks super sleek and clean.

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