This Wonderful Log Cabin Is A Perfect Getaway In Kentucky

Welcome to Log Cabin there is a possibility that the picturesque and homey log cabin known as Dreamscape can be found near Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.


This property has two bedrooms available for guests. You won’t have time to give it much thought before you conclude that this house is ideal for you.

The Front Porch

After a long day, one of the best ways to wind down and relax is to take a seat on the window seat, which is a miniature bench. It is charming, out of the way, and out of the path of traffic; but, it is still within walking distance of the house if you need to return inside.


On the other hand, you could gather together with some friends or your family on the other side and enjoy these comfortable seats while sipping a cup of hot coffee in the morning or a glass of sweet tea in the summer.

You could do this while watching the sunrise or the sunset. There is a possibility that this activity will take place on the other side of the room.

The Exterior

The log cabin is very new, having been built in August 2020, and it has enough bedrooms for all six of your guests to stay there comfortably. Additionally, there is a full kitchen in the log cabin.

log cabin

This Creekview resort has a large variety of attractions, including hiking trails, climbing routes, waterfalls, caverns, and more, so while you are staying there for your holiday, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of different types of recreational activities.

The Interior of the Log Cabin

The Dreamscape has all of the conveniences that you might want in a quiet retreat in the middle of the forest.

These include a high-speed Internet connection, a washer and dryer, a brand-new hot tub, a full kitchen with practically everything you could ever need to prepare some great meals, and a lot more.

log cabin

In addition, the Dreamscape is situated in a secluded area that is encompassed by natural elements on all sides.

The log cabin provides visitors with several convenient amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen (with a standard coffee maker, blender, and microwave), free WiFi, a private hot tub, a SmartTV with ATT TV Now, a fire pit, a gas grill, and a covered terrace with outdoor furniture.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

One of the bedrooms features a queen-sized bed, and there are a total of two queen-sized beds across the property. One of the queen-sized beds can be found in a loft on the upper floor, while the other can be found in the second bedroom.

log cabin

The bedroom that is situated on the ground floor of the log cabin is furnished with a spacious king-sized bed, whereas the bedroom that is situated in the loft is furnished with two comfortable queen-sized beds.

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