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This Tiny House It’s Gorgeous With Modern Kitchen

In the episode, we will see This Tiny House it’s gorgeous with modern kitchen located in the United NEWHALL, Canada.

This tiny house we had a big mortgage living in over 2000 square, there’s a lot of that goes into building and just from being bake to figure out here you’re going to build it and then the equipment that you’re going to have for it you’re essentially building a real foundation home is just on top of a trailer with no experience so going into that and you know working.

The kitchen room you also have full range stove we love to cook so we wanted to take advantage of the space here either it clearly is able to take advantage of the counter space over here instead of with a draft we got this stove that has downdraft it’s able to just everything in it’s very powerful and out and instead take a little bit of space on the bottom and then we have a sink and we also have a bigger size refrigerator.   

And on top of that, it acts as our ladder for our son’s loft. Our son is actually probably the most minimalist here in the house. That is his closet, his full closet space.

The bathroom that we wanted to maximize the Headspace. So we actually didn’t put a ceiling in here and we left that open and we ended up with a ceiling, our roof with rubberized paint for moisture control. We realized that we never utilized a tub in our previous home. So we left this as a standup shower.  

In this living space area, we ended up designing a special place for our dog Bailey and that’s where he spends his time and this is where we spend a lot of our time.  

This is your bedroom, we have a queen size bed here in a tiny space. The other thing that we did here is that we ended up, we have a door where we can close it and we also soundproof it because being in a tiny space and being a husband and wife, So this space allows us to be on the other side of our son.  

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