This Tiny house is great for exploring South Cornwall

The tiny house location from which to embark on adventures along the coast of South Cornwall, not far from the Lizard. You will have a great deal of privacy because to the location of the hut, which is at the farthest end of our property.

tiny house


 This area can be rainy and muddy during certain periods of the year; therefore, you should carry wellies or boots with you. To assist you in moving your belongings, we will supply a tidy wheelbarrow.

The toilet is a sawdust composting unit that is built into a compact space. You will be able to make tea or coffee inside the hut, in addition to using the small stove that is there to keep you warm.

There are hooks for hanging coats, and beneath the bed, there are storage containers for holding various articles of clothing. There is a boot box outside for those who have sandy or dirty shoes.

The hut is decorated quite well, and the bed features a memory foam mattress, which makes it very comfortable to stay there.

 We had the impression that we were in a highly secure place due to the hut’s very private and isolated setting. The only thing that bothered us was the bathroom because it was difficult to use.

It was the ideal way to commemorate my birthday throughout the course of the weekend. Excellent communication and a warm and inviting greeting were provided.

 We had a wonderful time at the private site, which gave us the impression that we were actually on our own private acreage.

The amenities were excellent and included things like shampoo and conditioner in the shower as well as everything we required to build our own fire and sit on the bench outside at night to view the stars.

The Tiny house on top of the small village

tiny house


This Tiny house is quite stunning, and when you look out the window, you can see that it captures a scene of Bardsey Island in the distance.

The shepherd’s hut has been meticulously finished to a very high standard, and it looks just stunning. It was spotless, and it possessed all of the amenities that we required.

The setting is ideal for enjoying the scenery while relaxing in the hot tub and watching the sun go down.

It is quite calm and serene here. A wonderful host, Meinir messaged us to make sure that we had checked in without any problems and to ask if there was anything else that we required. She also came to check on us a couple of days later to see how we were doing.

The views of the sunset from the hot tub are breathtaking, Meinir was very accommodating with regard to check-in and check-out timings, and he made sure that the hut was comfortable and that the hot tub was ready for us when we arrived.

The location is breathtaking, and there are breathtaking views of the sea and sunset in front of you. These may be enjoyed even more with the complimentary Prosecco that is provided as you soak in the hot tub.

This luxury off-grid Tiny house is located on the water.

tiny house


This tiny house is placed in a region that looks out over wide fields, and there are no other units located in the immediate vicinity of where it is situated.

This site had a lot of charm and beauty. It was exactly as described; it was quite quiet, somewhat distant and private, and it was located immediately on top of a beautiful pond or lake. It was exactly as described.

 We had a wonderful time at the cabin because of its attractive appearance, convenient size, and high level of cleanliness during our stay.

The location is ideal in that it is tucked away and quiet, while at the same time providing convenient access to a variety of beautiful treks.

The atmosphere is very peaceful and hushed, and there is a distinct sense of calm and composure about the atmosphere.

When we arrived, the site had been properly cleaned and put back in order, and it had been very tastefully equipped with a variety of delightful amenities, including a great mattress with a firm surface. Unbelievably friendly and open-hearted.

The perfect opportunity to get away from the buzz and bustle of London and spend some time in the countryside.

Julian and Rachel, the hosts, are wonderful individuals who are friendly and kind and respect their guests’ need for privacy while at the same time making themselves available to them at all times.

The Comfortable Tiny House in Hvalfjordur

tiny house


The Tiny house Built in 2017, the Built in 2017 is a comfortable and cozy cabin that is approximately 35 minutes by vehicle from Reykjavik. It is located in Kjós, which is in Hvalfjorur.

The perfect base from which to explore the world-famous Golden Circle and take in the unforgettable spectacle of the Northern Lights.

In the middle of Eilfsdalur, which is a valley in Kjós, Hvalfjorur, you will find the cabin.

You will be able to reach Reykjavik in fewer than thirty minutes from this position however, you will have the impression that you are in the middle of the countryside, despite the fact that you will be in close proximity to many of the most well-known attractions in the city.

The tiny house exudes an air of warmth and coziness, and its location in a picturesque valley ensures that you will be engulfed in the magnificence of nature during your stay.

The cabin provides for all of your needs, both anticipated and unanticipated. The entire location exudes a feel that is friendly and approachable to guests. One of the things that we are going to miss is having our morning coffee while looking out at the mountains.

To put it mildly, the location was just stunning. Because of its remote location, there was total silence there, and the panoramas were stunning.

The tiny house was just the right size for two people, and it even had a tiny loft area that could be used as additional sleeping space if that became necessary. Because of it, our vacation got off to an amazing start right away.

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