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This Modern Tiny House Was Built For $75k It’s Gorgeous

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In the episode, we will see a This modern tiny house was built for $75k & it’s gorgeous located in the United States southwest.

In this tiny house you can see is 75 grand as can see this is a little bit different setup than maybe you’ve seen a little bit bigger we’re on 15 wide trailers by 40 feet long we actually made this trailer with a removable tongue we unbolted it one we parked it we sold it underneath the decking and then we were able to put this bigger staircase here living in southwest being up in the mountains.

the living room

In the Living room being a flight attendant we really required the space and as you can see there’s this huge wall of windows here we really value natural open light one of the last-minute decisions that we made that ended up saving us a lot of money was to actually not texture any of the houses we have shiplap on the drywall and that’s because the tape there just ended up looking really bad so we covered it with shiplap all of our little decors on our shelves are from memories of the travels.

the kitchen

In the kitchen, you can see the look of open shelves here’s a hack we used wine bottle holders underneath the shelves and then mug hooks underneath that shelf we’ve got our tea boxers ready to grab her with the coffee station everything’s easy to use and access, the center of our the kitchen we chose a really big 33-inch deep farmhouse sink as you can see we have a ton of counter space was really important, and then next to the fridge we were able to install full-size washer and dryer to not have to spend an entire day going and doing laundry have a family kid.


the bathroom

The Bathroom is super cool because you have a pretty big vanity with an actual counter space we actually got this on sale one of the first things we bought was a normal vanity from the big hardware store that came with the mirror we’ve got two different lighting options here a font light right above the mirror and then two lights in the ceiling right above the shower.


the loft

The loft bedroom feels really big up here because this is the entire 15 by 10 loft with a little bit of a raised roof this loft is about four and a half feet tall and up here comfortable just walking and squatting versus having to crawl up here we have two windows up here which adds great ventilation and natural lighting by the mountain curtains.


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