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This Mini Earth Ship-Style Cabin

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In the episode, we will see a Tiny Earth ship Style Cabin Built with Recycled Tires located in Portugal.

This Tiny Earth ship Style Cabin build with one U-shape wall of tires that are filled with earth and on top of each other to create the structure it has a sloping green roof it has a bedroom a kitchen and bathroom a kitchen inside so it has everything you need.

The Kitchen of the Cabin

There’s a full kitchen here so there’s a small fridge there strong underneath a sink and there’s a gas cooktop and oven over here there’s a small wood stove and you has a window in there to view a beautiful sun sine from the out side it is very nice and cool.

The Bedroom of the Cabin

They’re a nice bed and you a bed in here with a little bit of storage for clothes and everything over there you can see some of that are in the wall kind of a signature of Earth ship and there’s a small sitting area in here.


The Bathroom of the Cabin

There’s a nice spacious bathroom in here so there’s a toilet in the shower and you can find a regular bathroom they are hooked up to municipal plumbing and so they don’t have a septic tank or a gray water bed or anything.


The Outside

This building is positioned to face south and there are no trees or other buildings in the way so they get direct sun all day long and which allows for passive solar energy to enter the space and heats up the mass in the floor and in the wall and the kind of battery and hold a lot of energy and then release it so it creates a more stable temperature in here all day long.


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