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This Luxury DOME HOUSE Was Built in Just a Few Days

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In the episode, we will see This luxury DOME HOUSE was built in just a few days located in Sedona, Arizona.

the exterior

This house spoke to me from the beginning because we never were interested in a traditional home we were always looking for something that was unique you think about architecture through the ages this is a very old shape of architecture a rounded building and yet also it is very modern, we always thought that was the smart way to build and so if we ever had a forever home we always thought a monolithic dome would be a very cool way to do it we see a house potentially like a sculpture that you get to live in and so we think it’s important to have an environment that really brings out the best in you that can create a sanctuary we wanted to show people that there.

The most fascinating aspect of these domes is that they’re connected one to another in a circle allowing for continuous space this dome here is the largest dome with a height of 32 feet  I’ve always been interested in alternative construction we wanted to have something unique.    

the loft

In the loft, you can see lightly the grid pattern of the rebar showing as it goes around and around and around like a beehive one of the things that bring great joy to laura myself is being able to host people and have people in our home this home is too large for just us two it’s about six thousand square feet but what we do have is plenty of sleeping quarters for people to come and spend time with us we have single beds we have king size beds we have full-size beds and we have queen beds, in addition, we have other sleeping quarters available that can be converted for more people.   

This is the great room it’s about 30 feet in diameter it gives us this tremendous amount of natural light because it has the big huge five skylights both on the ceiling and on the walls to allow us to be bathed in natural light, and we have a magical auditorium type of sound and one of the fun thing about this home is how we’ve been able to find specific furniture that seems to really fit the vibe.

The living room gives us some feeling of texture some feeling of sharing space where we can get together on a personal level.  


This originally was a pond with a fountain in the background when we bought the home we immediately tore out the fountain the stones everything that was around this area and built this stage over that space with that we added this large eight-foot long fireplace we added cabinets and we built it in so we could grab a hole of the curvature of the wall but also the concave of the wall so we were able to come up with something that was uniquely interesting that was as important as the original fountain and it really added value to the home and really gave us more of an ambiance to the space.


This courtyard adds a whole other dimension to the home by the fact that we are surrounded by this beautiful circle of domes that allows my wife and we to be on one side and our guests to be on the other here in this courtyard we a beautiful fire pit which guests use and sometimes we join them in the evening to look at the stars and have a conversation.


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