This Luxurious Log Cabin In Steamboat Springs Is A beautiful

The log cabin in Steamboat Springs is a gorgeous piece of real estate that manages to keep the traditional aspect of a log cabin while still being outfitted with all of the most modern amenities and comforts that one could hope for in a log cabin of this kind.


This expansive property that is currently available in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is the ideal location for a holiday home or a permanent log cabin for a large family, and it is currently in the market for sale.

The Exterior of the Log Cabin

You can’t ignore how beautiful the natural surroundings are in this log cabin, even though the interior is magnificent. The front of the log cabin has been outfitted with several charming porches, each of which wraps around a section of the available space.


A small porch can be found on the back of the log cabin, in addition to open deck areas that provide seating, a fire pit, and spectacular views that encircle the bistro set.

The Front Pouch

We are in awe of the fact that there is a comfortable lounging area on the front porch, which is located near the entrance of the building.


It keeps the typical log cabin style that you want, but it also combines some features of the farmhouse style, such as a porch that views out over the land.

One example of these farmhouse-style characteristics is that it has a fireplace. Upon entering the home, a greeting that is both personal and friendly.


The Living Room

The open floor plan of this residence makes it an excellent choice not only for families but also for those who take pleasure in entertaining guests.


There is more than enough space in this area for everyone to be easily accessible while also allowing individuals to have private conversations. This is made possible by the fact that the living room is open to both the dining room and the kitchen.

We find it quite appealing that the stairs that go to the second level can be utilized to create a division in the space that we are working with.

They are gorgeous and detailed features, but at the same time, they do not take up an excessive amount of space in the room, and they assist in dividing it up a bit.

They have added yet another rustic component, and this time it is in the form of a chandelier made of antlers.


It is hung just above the sofa and table that are situated directly behind the front door. A wonderful touch that gives the atmosphere a feel of the “old west.”

Everyone will be nice and warm thanks to the stone fireplace that is situated on the wall that faces the outside during the winter months.

There is one door on each side of the room that leads out to one of the porches that surround the log cabin. These doors were placed there for your convenience.

The Dining Room

There is a dining space that is located between the kitchen and the living room, right up against the stairs that lead to the second level. This part of the log cabin is frequently referred to as a nook.


This room is crucial to the family because it serves as a connection between the main living area and the kitchen. In addition to being a warm and inviting space, it plays an important role in the household.

The amazing view that can be taken in by everyone who steps out of the kitchen into the living room of the house and looks out the door.

From where we are standing, it is possible to see nearly the entirety of the ground level, which is something that strikes us as being extremely cool.


It is breathtaking to look at and has a warm reception waiting for guests. We can imagine you enjoying supper here with your family, or you could even have a dinner party for your friends here.

Either way, it would be a lovely setting for a meal. It would be a lovely setting no matter what the outcome was. That is thoughtful and giving of you!

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen’s uncomplicated, contemporary, and spotless cleanliness is a component that contributes to the overall appeal of the area.

Because there is an additional bar located on the exterior of the island counter, which is something that we find to be quite convenient, we are delighted to observe that this establishment has provided it.


This room has the potential to become the ideal breakfast nook, even though there are only a few chairs available in addition to those already present.

Home Office of the Log Cabin

Using the covered porch that leads out to the deck on the other side of the log cabin is one method to gain access to the home office nook that is tucked away on the rear side of the log cabin. This nook is hidden away on the back side of the log cabin.


Even though you are still inside and separated from the rest of the log cabin, you are still able to obtain a view of the outside world thanks to the windows that cover three of the walls in this particular room.

The Loft Bedroom

There is a bedroom located on the second level that is available for use as one of the other options that are at your disposal.

A warm and inviting “attic” area that is perfect for use as a second bedroom and provides a lot of space for dining, a game area, or even just a couple of more beds for guests.

log cabin


This location is great for conversion into a loft. Converting this space into a loft is a fantastic possibility at this location.

The Bathroom

One of our favorites can be found in the bathroom which is exclusively for the use of the guests, even though all of the furnishings on the property are gorgeous.

The lighting is just stunning, and it conjures up images of a gorgeous scene somewhere in the countryside.

log cabin


The Master Bedroom

Although the master bedroom’s high ceilings are an undeniably eye-catching feature, the windows on both sides of the room that look out over the beautiful terrain are the aspect of the room that we appreciate the most.

Also, that corner wood stove you have there is very stunning. This is such a beautiful addition, and it sets the location apart from others.

log cabin


The Master Bathroom

An eye-catching design is achieved in the master bathroom by utilizing tile and weathered wood in a combination that provides a contrast between the two materials.

Despite its capacity to conceal water, the openness of the corner shower comes as a complete surprise to both of us. What a breathtakingly peaceful haven that’s tucked away from the mayhem of the rest of the world.


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