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This Log Cabin Tiny Home is Adorable On the Inside

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In the episode, we will see a This Log Cabin Tiny Home is Adorable On the Inside located in Portland, Oregon.

The exterior

The tiny houses here at the tiny digs Hotel are all sixteen feet long they all have different roof shapes that give you a real opportunity to see what kind of tiny house you might like and how the roof really affects the inside space, so on a little exterior tour all of the porches on each of these tiny houses are separate so they aren’t actually on the trailer but it does expand the space these are only 16-foot tiny houses so it is nice to have that little bit of exterior space.

The loft of this tiny home

The log cabin tiny house is this awesome staircase basically everything inside the log cabin is made out of wood and you can see that even the shelving is live-edge they’ve really kept with the theme even the candles look like little logs they have a little fireplace here electric obviously and then this folds out into a full-size bed.

The dining room table also can fold up and become larger and so you can have seating for four if you want if you look around at all the pictures you can see that they’re really keeping with the log cabin seen wildlife antlers everything wood got another bench here that’s for the other seating at the table.

Tiny home

The bathroom of the tiny home

The bathroom we have a regular flush toilet all of the tiny houses here at the tiny digs hotel are actually connected to sewer and electricity and water.

Tiny home

The bedroom of the tiny home

The upstairs these stairs are really easy to climb because they have big footings there’s also a handrail here made out of what you guessed it a piece of wood if we look up into the main sleeping area because the secondary sleeping areas that fold-out futon downstairs you can see you have a queen-size bed a little nightstand and two windows the roofline in here is a little asymmetrical obviously done on purpose they’ve done full dormers all the way across so that gives you a lot of basses makes this place feel really open.

Tiny home

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