This Log Cabin Is Modern Mountain-Style And Beautiful

Welcome To Log Cabin is a company that provides guests with the opportunity to rent log cabins in Wyoming’s Jackson Hole region, including the abode known as The Abode At Aspens.


Because it has so many bedrooms and bathrooms, this log cabin can comfortably sleep up to thirteen people at a time.

This traditional log cabin has been updated with contemporary furnishings and provides access to a variety of outside spaces.

This quaint log cabin is in a place that is convenient since it is not far from the companies in the area, yet it also manages to keep its isolation.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen is set out in a corner and features white log cabinetry, excellent brown and black worktops, an island with a burner built into it, and a significant amount of additional storage space. In addition, the log cabinets are white. The kitchen is immediately accessible from the living room.


One of the features that we like the most is the fact that the upper level can be converted into a breakfast nook with very little effort by simply adding a few bar stools, and there is a lot of space for this to take place. This is one of the aspects of the home that appeals to both of us.

The Dining Room

A large room can be found in the back of the log cabin, and it features a wall of windows that go all the way around the room. It is quite beautiful and was created to serve the purpose of a room that is appropriate for all four seasons.


Additionally, it has a cozy spot where one can relax and take it easy. You can also make out the small table that is positioned in this region of the room.

This space has the potential to serve as a home office, but it also has the capability of being easily transformed into a dining room for the kids.


The Bedroom

The fact that this house has big bedrooms with high ceilings is an additional advantage that it provides for its inhabitants.


In addition to the substantial space that is available in this room for a king-sized bed, a wardrobe, or even a chair in which to cuddle up with your favorite book and lose track of time for a while, it is great that there are many windows in this room.

This room also has considerable space for a chair in which to curl up with your favorite book and lose track of time for a while. In my opinion, this is one of the room’s most attractive characteristics.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Near the primary bedroom is a washroom that has been thoughtfully designed, expertly constructed, and thoughtfully brought up to date.

log cabin


The fact that this large shower is lined with tiles and has a glass door gives the impression that it is much more spacious than it is. This is because it gives the impression that it is considerably more spacious than it is.

log cabin


As a result of the contrast with the overall atmosphere of the rustic setting, the contemporary space appears lovely when it is set against the log walls.

The Master Bathroom

One of the new features that came with the house is the master bathroom, which is one of our favorites because it has a dual vanity and is also one of the improvements that came with the house.

log cabin


Together, the bowl sinks and the customizable log cabinets offer a large amount of room that can be separated into a “his and hers” section that can be readily tailored to suit the preferences of each individual.

Both of these features are incredibly gorgeous, and when combined, they offer this space in a truly remarkable way.

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