This kitten, transformed by a caring guardian’s love

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A family from Montreal, Canada, found a stray cat along with her kittens in their backyard. The mother cat was also present. One of the kittens was found crammed into a cinder block with only one leg sticking out of the opening.

She had a severe case of social anxiety and would avoid attention at all costs.

Two local animal rescuers, Stefany and her mother Johanne, overheard the family’s plea for assistance, and they responded immediately. By the time the humans arrived, the mother cat had already moved all of her kittens, except for the one that was hiding in the block.

The terrified little kitten was left alone by its mother, who did not return. As soon as they took her up, they could see that she was nothing more than skin and bones.

They called their neighborhood animal shelter, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, to make sure that the kitten received medical attention and had the greatest possible opportunity of being adopted into a caring family while they looked for the other members of the cat family.

Her saviors gave her the name Dayze when they took her in. She had just turned five weeks old and was weak and hungry at the time. This initiative was a collaboration between Love Meow and Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

“She takes pleasure in the company of other people. She finds everything fascinating and takes great delight in scurrying around the house as if it were her own.


They found Dayze hiding in a concrete block, but now she is not the timid kitten they found there. She insists on being in close proximity to her family at all times, following them about the house and demanding hugs and pets on command.

“When she sleeps, she is devoted to her foster mom and wants to come and lie down exactly next to her head,” the rescue told Love Meow. “When she wakes up, she wants to go back to her foster mom.”


“As she has gotten older, she has developed into a headstrong diva who is capable of choosing for herself what she will do and when she will do it. She enjoys interacting and playing with the other kittens, but she is the dominant one.


Dayze is now a young cat that is confident in herself and enjoys cuddling with other animals. She has limitless energy and will attempt to climb anything she can get her paws on. The cat tree has been transformed into her very own private stronghold.


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