This Gorgeous Tiny house Is Available For Rent W/ Beautiful Inside

In the episode, we will see a This Gorgeous Tiny house Is Available For Rent W/ Beautiful Inside located in Portland, Oregon.

This gorgeous deck inside the Marlow it’s very cosy and small, but the outside space gives you double the living space in this house. We have this part that’s covered with a roof, but if you want to run on your day, you can get a South exposure over here on the couch.

The bedroom

The interior. The Marlow is just a one-story. It doesn’t have any lofts in it at all. We purposely did that because we have a lot of people that come, that might have mobility issues. This was an excellent opportunity to have this queen bed right on the main level and just turn it into a really fun, cosy kind of place. We have a little electric fireplace here to make it more comfortable. You can see that from the bed as you’re laying in the bed.  

the kitchen

This kitchen area we have. It has this beautiful live edge. The wood is actually called spalted maple. And what it means when it’s spalted maple, is that a fungus gets in the wood and rots the wood from the inside out. And eventually, the tree dies. And that’s why we got this gorgeous piece of wood in here because the tree was dead. And then we have the two shelves above that are out of the same piece of wood. All of our houses come with organic coffees and teas with a little French press.


The bathroom of the house

The bathroom, like all the bathrooms at tiny digs, we have a flush toilet and a hot and cold water shower. This one is pretty deluxe. It’s a 36 by 36 shower. Most of them are 32 by 32s here. Again, the wine theme carries over. We have this box from a local vineyard that is now the toilet paper holder for the spare rolls of toilet paper in the house.  


And then this mirror was a Goodwill find. And then I had all those cool donated corks from the local vineyards and adhered them to the side with my hot glue gun. These are actual reproductions of patents from the 1800 and early 19 hundreds when the wine bottle was patented.  


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