This Gorgeous Log Cabin Is Perfect For Weekend Getaway

Welcome to Log Cabin you now have the opportunity to stay in the stunning log cabin that was just recently showcased on an episode of HGTV’s Log Cabin Living and is now being offered for rent as a vacation home for people to enjoy.

log cabin

You have the option of staying there for an entire week or just for the weekend to make the most of everything that it has to offer.

The Living Area

The room that can be found on the interior of this structure is every bit as gorgeous as the room that can be found on the exterior, and it is outfitted with all of the contemporary conveniences and facilities that you are accustomed to and like making use of.

The magnificent light wood staircase, iron spindles, and light blue wall decorations make up only a small piece of what you will find here. When you visit this area, you will find that this is only the beginning of the things that you will learn.

You can see the living area below, which is outfitted with a huge sectional sofa upholstered in dark brown leather and set to face the enormous fireplace. You can also see that the sofa is arranged to face the enormous fireplace.

log cabin

In addition, there is a television that can be found off to one side of the room. In addition, if you look closely, you should be able to find that wooden picnic table that you saw up above right outside those windows.

The interior of the fireplace is lined with bricks, and there is a little arch to one side that serves as a storage room for fuel. The stonework that encompasses the fire pit is of the more traditional style.

We think it’s wonderful that they put a shelf off to the side for the television to sit on. I find it very convenient. It suits my needs quite well.

The Dining Table of the Log Cabin

Because there is a dining room just behind this part, the process of delivering food to customers from the bar or the buffet is much simplified. Especially so whenever we have visitors staying with us here at the log cabin.

The table that we have, along with these chairs that have seats backed in leather, is completely ideal for us in every possible way.

log cabin

They are fantastic and up-to-date while retaining the same notion of rustic style that is present throughout the remainder of the property.

The use of wood slice plates and service platters has given the table a more natural appearance when seen from below.

This effect can be seen in the image to the right. When you inspect the table, you will notice evidence of this.

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