This Exquisite Lodge Log Cabin Become Your New Home Away

Welcome to Log Cabin because it is a newly constructed lodge that has been tastefully furnished, there is no way you won’t start thinking of Thelma’s Retreat as your new log cabin away from Log Cabin.

There are a variety of lodge accommodations available at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls. One of these is the Hocking Hills log cabin, which can be found in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. There are many other types of lodge rooms available.

The Living Room

Both the kitchen and the living room space on the main floor feature vaulted ceilings, and one of the chandeliers is hand-crafted out of wrought iron and glass.

The room’s big picture windows not only let natural light and the grandeur of the surrounding environment penetrate the space, but they also provide a view of the gorgeous woodlands that can be seen outside the room.

log cabin
The interior has been created to seem equally as spectacular as the outside thanks to the extensive collection of works of art and pieces of furniture that have been included.

This log lodge features two master suites, each of which has its private bathroom in addition to a party deck that is spacious enough to accommodate all of the visitors. In addition to it, there is a fireplace in this log cottage.

log cabin

The Outside of the Log Cabin

The kitchen section features double doors fashioned after French doors that open out onto the rear deck. These doors are located in the kitchen area.

You are welcome to unwind at that location in front of the gas fireplace while using the high-definition television that is offered to view some of your favorite shows or sporting events.

You may find the button that operates the timer near the doorway that leads into the building. In addition to a gas barbecue that is provided with all of the essential fuel, there is also a dining table that has seating for up to six people.

log cabin
You might locate them in an isolated area just off the main deck, tucked up in a corner of the space.  On the gravel yard, there is a large fire pit constructed of gunmetal that guests are welcome to use for activities such as toasting marshmallows over campfires.

On the gravel, yard is where you will discover the pit. Both disc golf and corn hole are fun games that can be played outside; however, you will need to bring your discs if you want to participate in either of these sports.

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