This Community of Beautiful Tiny House

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The Exterior of the house

We keep coming across tiny homes that are stunning and of exceptionally good quality. Today, we are going to tell you about a community in Tennessee called “This Community of Beautiful Tiny House” which is ideal for living the simple lifestyle of your dreams.

Tiny house living has been around for quite some time, but the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. More housing is required as a result of the fluctuation and variety of housing requirements.

We are firm believers that a person’s house should be able to adapt to their changing requirements, whether that means downsizing, expanding, reorganising, or even moving when necessary.

Some people see modest residences as a path to greater independence. The independence to lead a healthy and balanced life without being constrained by the obligations of a mortgage.


Tracy City, Tennessee, in the United States, is the location of a charming hamlet of microhomes known as small houses. The home, which is available for rent through Airbnb, has enough space to accommodate a total of six guests.

A group of quaint cottages called The Retreat at Water’s Edge can be found tucked away in a quiet mountain and forest setting. The distance between Chattanooga and Atlanta is somewhat close to that of Nashville.

In addition, the Sweetens Golf Club is only 25 miles (40 kilometres) away.

This secluded cottage deep in the woods is just a few minutes’ stroll from the lake. Waterfalls, hiking trails, eateries, and the breathtaking Southern University in Sewanee can all be found in the surrounding area.

The house has an enjoyable and tranquil living space outside, which is perfect for entertaining guests. In the backyard of the house is a stone fireplace or fire pit.

The outdoor space on the deck is furnished with a swing, garden chairs, a dining table, and a BBQ.

When we enter the interior of the property, which is 400 square metres in size, we are greeted by a contemporary design. The interior of the house gives off the impression of having a lot of room thanks to the high ceilings and the predominant use of white paint on the walls.

In addition, there were a significant number of windows, which allowed for optimal utilisation of natural light. This home, with its soothing furnishings and atmosphere, extends an invitation to tranquilly.

The Kitchen And The Living room

The kitchen and the living room are both included in the open layout of the main living area of the house. The living room is furnished with cosy sofas and a television set. The superb cabinets in the completely furnished kitchen contribute to the room’s attractive appearance.

The most recent addition to the house is where you’ll find the bedroom. There is a spacious double bed, a TV, and a wardrobe in this room. There is a bunk bed in the hallway that can accommodate two people.

The attic floor, which may be reached via the stairs, is home to a pair of sleeping quarters.







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