This Big Modern Tiny House is Pure Luxury

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In this episode, we going to show you the most functional livable, and beautiful tiny house in Quebec, Canada.

This big modern tiny house is pure luxury
This Big Modern Tiny House is Pure Luxury

This tiny home had everything you really need a comfortable bedroom a large hangout space a super functional kitchen to prepare good meals and a bathtub to relax at the end of the day and then the cherry on top.

Tiny house on wheels

Tiny house on wheels

The extra width (10 feet wide vs standard 8.5 feet) and the full-height bedroom over the gooseneck make this tiny house on wheels feel like it could be a real long-term housing solution for a lot of people. Not just an in-between housing option that you might grow out of, which is what we hear from a lot of people who are interested in tiny house living.

Tiny house on wheels

Stepping Inside this Tiny House

Let’s take a look inside, so we’re gonna check out this tiny house from one end to the other starting with the bedroom to get to the bedroom there’s a nice little staircase here instead of a ladder.

Inside this tiny house on wheels

It’s actually built in two pieces so that you can push the staircase out of the way if you have guests coming into the entrance as you can tell this bedroom is really spacious first of all the height makes a huge difference instead of having a loft this actually feels like a full bedroom.

There’s a nice double bed here and lots of storage there’s a full closet and drawers, and storage built into the wall here and there’s additional storage under the bed and it’s six foot to standing height in here.

There’s a nice big window facing the bed as well so that you can open it up and get fresh air and lots of natural light in here this is one of the most functional tiny house bedrooms.

The Living Room of the Tiny House

This is a really nice open-concept living room with lots of built-in storage that doesn’t make the space feel too cluttered and there’s even storage under each one of these cushions another feature that we really like about this living room is that the coffee table doubles as a kitchen table and dining room there’s even storage going all the way down to the floor behind these cushions even secret storage down here.

This couch is actually comfortable which is not always the case in a tiny house another thing that we appreciate in any space is having lots of windows that can open to let in some fresh air and this wall with three large windows that hinge outwards is a perfect way to make it feel like you’re almost outside in here and if it’s raining it’s nice that you can still have them open in the rain just runs off of them.

There’s a galley kitchen here so on one side you have the four-burner stove and some counter space for food preparation and on the other side you have a sink and lots of cabinets underneath and overhead and a full-size fridge there’s even a washing machine in the kitchen which is really handy.

The Bathroom in this Tiny House

There’s nature’s head composting toilet on one side a bathtub and a sink and storage area, there are two covers on either side the one on the left is the water heater.

Moving into the Loft Area

Now, we’re up here in the reading loft which is a cozy secondary hangout space and they’ve extended it along the wall to create a space for extra storage the loft is also where you can climb the ladder to get up onto the rooftop deck this is the second heat recovery ventilator at the other end of the house.

So there are two in total and they draw fresh air into the house and expel stale air but what they do is they capture the heat from the outgoing air so that you’re not losing all of your heat while you’re getting fresh air and there’s actually extra storage space up here.

There’s also a really long panoramic window along the top of the second floor which gives you a beautiful view outside I absolutely love this tiny house.

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