They Traveled The Country In This Little Cabin on Wheels

In the episode, we will see a They traveled the country in this little cabin on wheels located in Portland, Oregon.

The Tiny house was built and we want to travel the country to tell the stories of the movement it was pretty much and we were happy with a backpack and a camera so this was going to be like the luxurious way of doing with my bed air conditioning upsides for you parts of it are upsizing a little bit this 130 square feet for the two years we’ve been travelling the United States while we shoot our documentary series and we’ve done about 30, 000 miles hit about 29 states and met thousands the thousand of people.

The living room

And then over here is our sofa and down here and there’s actually a little bit of storage. So there’s storage underneath and storage in those two guys right there.  

The kitchen of this cabin

The kitchen counter is one of those things that I had a really hard time doing. But because of that, it was a lot of fun. So this is all handmade and it’s actually from wood that came from trees that fell in a tornado behind my parent’s house in North Carolina. And we used that for our live edges stuff like the shelf and the ladder, but it’s also all of the two-by-fours in the whole house that all came from trees that fell from the tornado, which was just an old thing. two-by-fours.


The Toilet of the cabin

We also have a nature’s head composting toilet. We began with a self-made composting toilet and then later upgraded to this. And this was a really good move because it reduced our maintenance greatly.


The loft of the cabin

This is our loft we also have a queen size bed. It’s a nine-inch tall mattress, so it’s quite tall for a tiny house, but totally worth it. We also have four awning windows, which is great for that cross breeze and we made some really cool lights. We made these out of plumbing pipe, which we later spray painted and then added Edison bulbs when we hit the road two years ago, a Christian’s dad, John got into painting, so we sent him a picture of our house parked at Squaw Valley. near Lake Tahoe and he made us this lovely painting. It’s really sweet and also features the porch swing that he made for us.  


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