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They built a $50k TINY HOME for long term affordable housing

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In the episode, we will see a They built a $50k TINY HOME for long-term affordable housing located in the United States southwest.

the exterior

This is a tiny home which is german for the little house it’s on a custom 26-and-a-half foot trailer with triple 6k axles and the outside we have a combination of wood and metal siding we like the aesthetic of the different angles and the aesthetic of the different angles and different textures that it provides and then the roof is called an interlocking metal roof system it’s made out of recycled aircraft aluminum and weighs about 150 pounds so super light and it has a lifetime warranty so definitely a good investment for us.

the kitchen of this tiny home

The tiny house has a big kitchen we do a lot of cooking at home and we cook a lot of food on hand at all times so if your notice our countertop is quite long it’s about 13 feet one thing you notice about the countertop it’s actually much higher than a standard countertop so these are 40 inches and much more comfortable to work up a little higher than a normal countertop.

the bathroom of this home

The bathroom as you can see is pretty small we don’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom so we didn’t feel the need to make it sort of this large luxurious space and we spent a lot of time getting ready on the side we have nature head composting toilet but now that we’re in more of a permanent parking situation we think we will be over to a flushing toilet and hooking up to septic above that we do have our toilet cabinet.


In the living room section which is kind of the end, we got these wonderful ukulele and cigar box guitars we have zero musical talent but we think they’re pretty and they can actually come with a nice story it’s actually autographed by tenacious D kyle glass and jack black 49 yards.


In the bedroom, it’s actually 13 and a half feet long and as you can see we can sit up in the bed no problem we have a queen size bed so it gives us a little bit of space on either side we have two windows creates a great breeze gets real comfortable at night we want to sleep staring at the stars so we have two skylights.


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