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Their Rustic TINY HOUSE has the Most Charming Interior

In the episode well we see a Their Rustic TINY HOUSE has the Most Charming Interior! Located in Idaho falls.

This Tiny house it’s about 1200 square feet, we found out about tiny living like a lot of people we think who stumbled across a show on TV. and we think we watched a handful and came across an episode that actually had Jenna in it when we were taking their house across the country and, showed how they build it and that kind of thing we got really excited we went out we bought a trailer then we realized, and it was about 35 grand in material and then free labor, lots of free labor.

The house is on a 24-foot trailer but the total length is 27 feet we wanted to make sure the loft was kind of open inside and how we did that we extended this back loft out three feet and actually hung this deck from the loft so, this extends off the black of the trailer it’s been great.

Inside our home and here we tried to go with a vintage farmhouse, the kind of feet has a lot of antiques in here we’ve got solid hardwood floors just black walls and the weight however we also have three skylights.

The sink is a Craigslist find that I hunted and hunted and hunted for, and finally found the right size and height. It’s about 110 years old. I love it. I think it is my favorite thing in the house, this place is really nice. One thing to note is our full-size fridge. It’s somewhat uncommon for a tiny house.  

The bathroom where we can hang up our coats and our dresses and nicer clothes. So for our shower, we have a horse trough as a tub. It’s really nice. Cause you can get down low and soak. We have exposed copper plumbing just to kind of go with the feel of the house and a rain head shower, which is actually, just a galvanized bucket that we drilled holes in. That’s quite nice.  


The guest’s loft. This is kind of a futon. So it pulled down to a bed as well for when we do have guests. And it’s a pretty great place to hang out. This here is a really big piece of our house. It obviously stands out in the house, but it’s also a dedication to my mom who passed away. She loved the idea of a tiny house.  

In this room, we have a big bed. We have this big skylight here, which I think helps with ceiling height. Number one, it gives us, you know, about six inches extra. So it doesn’t seem as claustrophobic or make the ceiling seem so low for a ceiling.  

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