The White Tail Log Cabin Is A Sprawling Mountainside Home

Welcome to the own a rustic log cabin that overlooks mountains and is surrounded by beautiful beauty? If so, you are in luck. If it is done by us, there will be no issues with it! In addition to its amazing views, the White


Tail is a gorgeous property that has an equally superb interior and exterior design. The White Tail is a residence that is really remarkable.

The Exterior

Without a shadow of a doubt, this entry is without a doubt one of the very best pieces that we have. You will be protected from the elements by the towering, arched roof that covers the porch and doorway.

Additionally, the spacious porch offers a great deal of room for chairs and other seating choices.

There is a grill that is hidden on the bottom right-hand side of the photograph, and it is feasible to make out what it represents.


One of the things that we really like about this is the fact that it can also be transformed into a porch that is ideal for grilling your favorite meals and hosting a barbecue party in the afternoon with your family and friends.

If you are searching for a log cabin that is not only roomy but also has a rustic style and the solid traditional feature of a log foundation and cladding, then the White Tail log cabin is almost certainly going to steal your breath away.

Despite the fact that it was constructed with a family in mind, this log cabin is perfect for day-to-day family life. However, it also has the potential to be easily leased out or used as a vacation property.

The Front Porch of the Log Cabin

A further look along the side of the log cabin, this time with the porch in view, indicates that there is plenty room for all of the chairs, bistro sets, grills, and other objects that you hold dear and essential to your life.

It should go without saying that the front entry is kind and welcoming; hence, it is the perfect spot to greet your guests when they arrive at your place of business.

log cabin

We feel forced to include these open areas that are placed on the exterior of the log cabin, despite the fact that we normally take a tour of the inside of the residential property.

The addition of them to your log cabin is just what you want if you are seeking for a way to relax and relieve stress.

Whether you want to throw a birthday party on the deck with grilled burgers or rock out on the terrace on a breezy summer day, this property is ready for families to utilize whatever they see fit.

The Master Bedroom of the Log Cabin

There is a bed frame made of dark wood that is put against the walls of the log cabin where the master bedroom is located. Additionally, there are windows on both sides of the bed frame.

On top of that, there are additional windows that have a little cushioned bench positioned beneath them for the purpose of storage.

Given its spaciousness, openness, and pleasant atmosphere, the master bedroom would be an excellent choice for the placement of this space.

log cabin

Each of the tables that are positioned on each side of the bed is a reflection of the beauty that is present in the flooring.

The addition of a rustic reclaimed wood trim with a rustic appearance around the windows is yet another wonderful rustic feature that enhances the room.

Furthermore, a fundamental top portion of the space that is constructed out of drywall and contrasts with the wooden walls and ceilings is a great addition to the area.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Located in a separate location from the master bedroom is where you will find the spectacular master bathroom suite. we have always been a sucker for a bathtub that enables you to soak in it, and this particular one is very amazing by the way it looks.

The wood texture on the outside of the tub is something that we really enjoy, in addition to the silver feet and the white inside.

A warm and calming bubble bath at the end of a long day is the perfect way to unwind and relax, and this is a modern take on a time-honored custom that has been observed for generations.

log cabin

In spite of the fact that tile flooring is easy to maintain, it has not been able to escape the sophisticated look of real wood flooring.

It is without a doubt that the walls in this room will make you feel as if you are in a log cabin since they are just as gorgeous as the walls in every other room in the log cabin.

A vanity or chair might be placed next to the bathroom if you so choose, since there seems to be a significant amount of space here to fit either of these items.

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