The Warm and Inviting Tiny House Complete with a Spa

The Warm and Inviting Tiny House Complete with a Spa It is possible that you will have the feeling that you have genuinely gotten away to the countryside when you are relaxing in your personal hot tub and taking in the breathtaking views of the Hodder Valley.

Tiny House


The real cabin has a kitchen that is completely outfitted with all of the necessary appliances, including a range, an oven, a kettle, and an induction burner.

The construction of the cottage was completed by my bare hands, and I sourced the wood for the project from the immediate neighborhood. In addition to the primary bed, which is a king size, there is also a corner couch bed in the room.

There is a kitchen as well as a bathroom, and both of them are well supplied with everything and everything that you would desire at any point in time.

This Tiny House may be found in a breathtaking location that is quite peaceful and is an excellent setting for unwinding. The lodge was immaculate, and it offered every convenience that one could need during a vacation of one week’s duration.

The perfect place to unwind and get away from the stress and commotion of everyday life. The surrounding vistas are so calm and tranquil, they practically paint themselves.

It may sound like a disadvantage to some people, but the fact that we did not have access to WiFi, television, or even a phone connection was actually a dream come true for the both of us.

 My partner’s birthday is coming up, and we decided to organize a vacation as a surprise for him. When we got there, he couldn’t believe how beautiful the lodge was and how well it had been put together.

The Tiny House has a maximum size

Tiny House


This is the Little House on the Prairie. Both the host, who was very pleasant, and the room that we slept in were quite nice. Outstanding efficiency in regard to expenditures!

The facility has been beautifully maintained, and the staff is kind and eager to assist you. The site is breathtaking, since it is situated right in the middle of nature.

Outstanding geographic location. The cabin is the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life since it looks exactly the same as in the images, there is peace and quiet that penetrates the entire property, and the lake is itself quite peaceful and calm.

The staff is really kind and eager to assist. There is a ping-pong table, bicycles, and opportunities to feed the animals, all of which are free activities that can be found all across the park.

In addition, there are really nice mattresses outdoors in the shade for you to relax on when you want to take a break. My time spent there was quite pleasurable, and I would not think twice about going there again in the future.

in addition to the fact that it has a very calming effect. We are planning to make the most of the lake that is located just in front of our house by using it throughout the summer months. A wonderful way to start the day with food.

The Oak-uk36258 Tiny Home

Tiny House


The location is perfect for seeing this beautiful part of the country, and in addition to the private hot tub, the surrounding area has some wonderful walking paths to explore. The First and Second Floors

The pods are in an ideal location from which to explore the neighboring counties of Shropshire, Cheshire, and North Wales Borders.

In addition to this, they are situated in a wonderful area for activities such as hiking, bird viewing, and other outdoor pursuits in the midst of Wales.

It is well worth the money considering the fantastic environment, which is quiet and isolated, as well as the fact that it has its very own hot tub and barbecue.

Incredible setting paired with a fantastic host who went above and above to check on visitors, share suggestions, and offer support. Stunning, spotless, and well stocked cabin with anything and everything a traveler could possibly want.

Will most definitely will come back to see this site.

The pods are far better than what was represented, and they are situated in an area that is picturesque, quiet, and immaculately kept.

Both my traveling partner and I agreed that the accommodation was fairly spacious and met all of our requirements in every way. It provided all of the basic amenities in addition to some additional features, and the jacuzzi was really incredible.

The Tiny house in the Woods with Private Outdoor Hot Tub

Tiny House


the Tiny House that is available for purchase and comes completely furnished and equipped with its very own private outdoor hot tub.

 As soon as you enter into this little home, you are quickly met by the warmth of its rustic décor, as well as the enticing scent of pine, which is present throughout the house. The instant you step foot inside, the magical quality of this place is immediately obvious.

Because of the careful planning that went into the construction of this tiny house, it is possible to make use of each and every square inch of space in a manner that is not only enjoyable but also functional. This is made possible by the fact that there is no wasted space.

The living area is flooded with natural light as a consequence of the big windows, which also provide breath-taking views of the natural surroundings that can be seen in all different directions.

You might be able to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by submerging yourself in the peaceful waters of the hot tub, which is tucked away in its own little nook.

This experience combines the advantages of relaxation and getting in touch with nature in a way that is both relaxing and refreshing for the mind and body. This experience combines the benefits of relaxation and coming in touch with nature.

This modest home in the woods offers a luxurious haven in which to unwind, rejuvenate, and reacquaint oneself with oneself amidst the splendors of nature. Because of this, it is an excellent location for both a break with a significant other and a solitary retreat.

The Tiny House and Hot Tub come at an extra cost.

Tiny House


Our garden now has a brand new wood-burning hot tub that we had installed not too long ago. When you check in, you will be required to pay the owner the usage charge of sixty pounds, which covers the entirety of your stay.

The huts are quietly located from one another and give magnificent views across Taunton Vale to the south since they are nestled amid the hedgerows and natural trees that surround the boundary of a hillside meadow.

In addition, the huts offer wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. While you wait for the sun to rise and the red deer to come, you might choose to read a book and switch on the fireplace that is built into the comfortable bed.

You may take in beautiful views of the sunset over Exmoor National Park while sipping on a drink of locally brewed ale or English fizz.

 The environment was stunning, and the sunsets were some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. There are several hikes that begin right outside the door where you are staying. Matt was a good and helpful individual who was always available to offer assistance if there was an issue.

Spending the night in one of these shepherd’s huts is something that comes highly recommended by us here at Shepherd’s Huts and Cottages. An idyllic getaway set among the stunning Quan tock hills that surround it all on three sides.

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