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The Wanderlust Tree-House with Swinging Bridge.

In this episode, we will see The Wanderlust Tree-House with Swinging Bridge.

The Wanderlust Tree-House with Swinging Bridge.

This beautiful Wanderlust Tree-House is located in Crane Hill, Alabama it sits on 40 acres of private land surrounded by beautiful trees everywhere.

The first thing you would encounter is the swinging bridge that goes over this ditch it looks like a drawbridge kind of with the ropes.

The paths of this tree-house are all lit up by these beautiful string lights that make this place glow at night this place looks gorgeous at night with all these string lights and all the lights turned on on the tree house it just glows out here in the forest.

The underneath area of this tree-house is very spacious your swinging day bed is perfect if you want to take a nap out here.

Inside This Tree-House

The interior design of this tree-house is very beautiful and bright it’s an open concept room And there’s lots of space between five and six hundred square feet in here.

The open concept room design.
The open concept room design.

On the left side, you have the mini kitchenette there is a sink and then you have some coffee options, the cabinets underneath, and the shelves above that are for you to store anything.

The King-size bed is located in the middle of this room it’s very comfortable and huge and on the other side, there is a table for you to enjoy your morning coffee.

There is a huge window to make this room feel bright and there is a tiny fireplace right in front of it to make it a little bit more cozy and then you have your beautiful bathtub right underneath this window as well.

The Bathroom of The Tree-House

This bathroom is very bright and clean there is a vanity and mirror over here and then your toilet is on this back side and the window is very beautiful.

The Little Patio Area

You walk along the hallway and have one of the coolest parts of this tree-house you swinging bridge that connects your treehouse to this little patio area.

You have a grill over here on the left side and a cool dining table in the middle with two chairs that you can overlook to your property and overlook your fire pit area it will make you feel good.

The Outdoor Shower

This outdoor shower is very high quality there also has hot water, you open up this door and you have two shower heads and in the middle, you have this cabinet that has your shampoo.

The Outside Area of The Tree-House

This fire pit area is a very private and peaceful place for you to enjoy nature and relax, there are two chairs and plenty of firewood for you to use and with the string lights all around it, it’s very fun and cozy to be out here.

Walk a few minutes from this tree-house you will see a small pond on the property there is a picnic table out here where you can relax and reset your mind and it’s very romantic.

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