A-Frame Cabin – The Upstate Modern 3-Story Cabin.

In this episode, we will see The Upstate Modern 3-Story A-Frame Cabin.

This modern 3-story A-frame cabin is located in Pine Plains, New York, United States this A-frame has four bedrooms & a gorgeous main room with gigantic windows.

The Exterior of the A-frame Cabin

Welcome to the gorgeous luxury A-frame cabin it has been dubbed the upstate A-frame by the owner.

It is about 200 square feet of living space and it was built in 1968, the front of this home though, in particular, the wood finishing on the bottom floor.The upstate modern 3 story a frame cabin

The Interior of the A-frame Cabin

Inside this A-frame cabin is quite spacious there are a bunch of doors and a ton of bedrooms and bathrooms.

There is a mirror and a brown color chair and on the other side, there is a washer and dryer.A frame cabin

The First Bedroom

This is the first bedroom of the cabin you have your bed in the middle and a nightstand with a little light and right behind that is a work-from-home setup.A frame cabin

A frame cabin

The Second Bedroom

It’s a little smaller than the last bedroom, you have your mattress in the corner and another desk and work-from-home setup.

This bedroom also has a bathroom inside, it’s a clean and bright bathroom there is a white vanity and a toilet and along the opposite end is your bathtub.A frame cabin

The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is quite spacious there is a king-size mattress, the headboard, and the lighting fixture and in the far corner has some more shelf space as well.

This second bathroom is similar to the last bathroom, there is a beautiful white sink in the corner and then the shower with the charming tiling, and right behind that is a toilet.

The Loft Bedroom

This space is a very unique design, there is a queen-size bed in the middle with a window above that to get some sunlight into the loft space.

The Living Room Area

This living room is very spacious there is your sitting area and the white beams everywhere
and the opposite of that is your Tv.

The kitchen of the A-frame Cabin

This is your full-size kitchen space is very unique and modern there is your countertop space with all your kitchen appliances and on the other side, there is your dining table with six sitting options.

The last part of this A-frame cabin is a half bathroom it is a clean and bright bathroom.

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