The Unparalleled Log Cabin Is An Upper Michigan Wonder

Welcome to Log Cabin the term “unrivaled” is the one that best describes this gorgeous log cabin that is situated in the upper-lower Michigan area. It is impossible to find a more appropriate word to describe this log cabin.


This log cabin is just stunning. That being said, this house is unlike anything else you have ever seen in front of your eyes, regardless of how incredible it may be.

The property comes with a walkout basement parking space, and there is a wonderful room that is filled to the brim with breathtaking windows. The structure is comprised of three levels.

The Inside

This freshly constructed home has a great room space that is both spacious and open, in addition to an open loft that provides a view of the rest of the house. The loft also gives a perspective of the neighborhood.


Another access to the bedroom can be found inside this section, in addition to the storage space that is conveniently positioned within it. This area also contains the storage space.

Additionally, from this vantage point, you can see that the kitchen is located below the loft and that there is a gorgeous chandelier made of antlers that is draped over the dining table. Both of these things are visible to everyone who is standing here.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Even though the kitchen is not very large, it is well equipped with everything that ought to be present in a kitchen. In this kitchen, you will have the opportunity to easily cook whatever you like since the modern equipment that is created of stainless steel will allow you to do so effectively.

log cabin

We like the inclusion of this u-shaped counter, which enables you to cook meals while still having a little eating nook on the other side of the counter if you so like.

This is something that we find to be very enjoyable. This is something that we are grateful for doing.


The Dining Room

Within the open floor plan, the living area is located next to the kitchen and dining room, both of which are also incorporated into the building of the log cabin.

log cabin

It is best to take delight in this atmosphere by spending a leisurely evening with friends and family in the same location. This is the greatest way to enjoy it.

One may participate in a broad variety of activities in the open space, including viewing the game, preparing meals, playing games, or watching the game. These are only some of the activity options.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

A wonderful soaking tub can be found in one of the corners of the master bathroom. This tub is situated in the corner of the room containing the master bathroom.

log cabin

The fact that this house provides a feeling of tranquility and calm is something that appeals to us. It is a distinct delight to have you at our location!

Another unique feature of this house is the barn door closures that are installed in the closets, baths, and several other rooms around the house. These closures are situated in a range of different rooms.

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