The Unique Appeal of Tiny House

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The Exterior of the house

We are continually amazed by the variety and charm of the tiny residences we find. Today, we will show you the “Absolutely Fabulous Tiny House by Boutique Houses Sapanca,” which is a home that is ideal for the simple lifestyle that you have been envisioning for yourself.


This Small houses can range in size from 80 square feet to 750 square feet and can be constructed either on a foundation or on wheels. The term “tiny house” was coined in the 1990s.

Those who are at risk of becoming homeless as a result of the current housing market are offered the chance to purchase one of these properties at a price that is more affordable. The construction and upkeep costs of tiny residences are significantly lower.

Its portability and reduced influence on the surrounding environment are enhanced when it is constructed on a caravan.

On an individual level, living “tiny” requires us to conduct a more comprehensive needs assessment than we are accustomed to doing.

When you have a limited amount of room to live in, you have to give serious consideration to every square metre, every wish, And every purchase in order to ensure that you are making the best choice.

The fact that we now have a variety of choices thanks to the rise of the tiny house movement is one of the many positive aspects of this trend. As a result, in order to select our ideal tiny house, we need to investigate several different tiny houses.

Fabulous Tiny House

Turkey’s Sapanca is home to an absolutely stunning microhome like this one. Boutique Houses You can feel a great deal of happiness in a relatively small place and accumulate moments that will stay with you forever if you stay in one of Sapanca’s tiny houses.

The teeny house can be reached by foot in ten minutes from Sapanca Lakeside or by car in three minutes.

The ATV and safari activities are 6 kilometres away, while the Kartepe ski resort is 9 kilometres away, and Maukiye is also 9 kilometres away.

The home is nestled in the midst of its own private garden. Spending time in a beautiful garden with those you care about must be quite relaxing and delightful. In addition to sun loungers and seating places, the garden features a swimming pool.

When we get inside the house, it’s possible that we’ll have feelings of joy. By painting the walls white, we were able to produce an ambiance that was more open and airy.

When decorating small houses with fewer colours rather than a variety of colours, the property will give the impression that it is larger than it actually is. One of the most notable illustrations of that is found in this home.

The tiny house comes complete with a living area, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom that is designed to accommodate two people. The couch and TV in the living area are both very comfy.

The kitchen is stocked with everything you could possibly require since it is completely equipped. A ladder is required to reach the bedroom, which is located in the attic.


The Bathroom






The Backyard



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