The Treehouse with big windows to watch the animals

These charming and well-equipped Treehouse are nestled in a peaceful and picturesque setting. In addition to that, they include expansive windows that let visitors to take in the beauty of the local flora and fauna.



They are located on a block of land that is 24 hectares in size and has rivers as well as hiking trails. The view of the fjord can be found just in front of you!

There is room for up to four people in each of the cottages that are available. In addition to a private bathroom and a dry toilet located in a separate room, this apartment also includes a kitchenette, heating, and air conditioning.

A patio that is both warm and inviting. After a little walk through the woods (about five minutes), one can get there.

The cabin’s interior has been painstakingly planned out, and it fulfils all of your requirements in a convenient and comfortable manner. The views are just breathtaking in their beauty.

The cabins have been thoughtfully decorated to offer a cosy, homey feel to them. Breakfast, which was provided for us at no cost and brought to our room each morning, came as a nice and unexpected surprise.

The inside is exquisitely created; it is cosy and welcoming, and it exudes an extremely nice mood! In addition to that, when there are no clouds in the sky you are treated to a breathtaking sunset!

The treehouse is located in the middle of the woods.



These quaint little cottages are pleasant, comfy, and well equipped. They also have huge windows so that guests may take in the surrounding flora and fauna.

They are situated on 24 acres of terrain that features rivers and paths, and they are not far from the fjord.

There is a stunning patio up ahead.

Each of the cabins has space for a maximum of four guests. Moreover, this treehouse has a dry bathroom, a kitchen, and heating, making it one of the most pleasant accommodations available.

The treehouse is adorable, and the surrounding region is really picturesque.

They provide wagons for you to transport your gear, which is a wonderful feature; however, the layout of the facility makes it somewhat difficult to find things.

It is very beautiful among the woods, although the balcony does not have much of a view.

 This adorable and delectable mini breakfast is just perfect.

They also provide everything you require in the kitchen, including a small heating plate on which you may boil water or prepare simple dishes like spaghetti.

The breakfast was presented in charming tin boxes, the surrounding forest was alive with the sounds of a variety of birds chirping each day, and the panorama was so breathtaking that on one occasion, fog banks could be seen rolling through the trees.

Additionally, the cabin is spotless in its entirety. Just a few bugs here and there, but that’s to be expected given the nature of the environment.

All of the windows and doors in the cabin have high-quality mosquito nets put in them. You will only need to use insect repellents in order to sit on the balcony or enter the actual cabin.

The experience of staying in the tree house was quite enjoyable. Out in the wilderness, where it’s peaceful, secluded, and very stunning.

 The room was immaculate, and the amenities were excellent.

The Treehouse, located in the heart of Rhazon, France



The Treehouse is a well-kept secret that can be found in the middle of Rhazon, France.

It offers guests the opportunity to have an experience that is both whimsical and entrancing, and it is a well-kept secret that can be found in the middle of Rhazon, France.

Because it is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature, this one-of-a-kind lodging option offers a retreat that is certain to be remembered for a lifetime.

As you make your way up into the canopy, you will realize that you have entered a world that is totally devoid of any noise or disturbances once you reach the top.

This secluded haven, which has been carefully designed to blend in with its verdant surroundings and appear as though it has always been there, will allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life so that you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

This enchanting retreat offers the perfect opportunity to become reacquainted with the natural world and to rediscover peace and comfort within the embrace of nature.

The Treehouse is ready and waiting for you to take you away to a wondrous and amazing new world; whether you’re looking for a peaceful sanctuary or a romantic retreat, the Treehouse is the perfect place for you.

The treehouse in Watson’s woods



In the main bedroom of the Treehouse, there is ample room for two large people, and the second sleeping space can accommodate either two younger adults or two children.

The Treehouse is equipped with electricity, an internet connection, and a coffee maker. Included is a private patio with a grill, seating area, and a hammock swing suspended beneath the structure.

You can take a snooze in one of the hammocks or make s’mores at the fire pit that is a few yards away from this treehouse, where you can also tell stories.

The wonders that may be seen on the property that spans 100 acres, such as the fishing pond, the waterfall area, and the numerous forested pathways. You have your very own private bathhouse just for your use.

The tree home is really cozy; it protected us from the rain, and we had neither discomfort nor fear despite the strong, sporadic downpours outside.

The welcoming committee did an outstanding job. Once we figured out how to operate it, my daughter and I really enjoyed using the outdoor shower.

This was the ideal place to get away from it all, both during the day and at night! There is no experience that can compare to one in which you are unplugged.

The treehouse was a lot of fun, and below it, the host provided all of the conveniences that one may require, such as a stovetop, water supply, bathroom, and shower.

My favourite part was walking to the waterfall and exploring the two hiking trails that were located on the property.

The treehouse is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable destination to visit.

The property is stunning and has received excellent maintenance.

The ideal location for a getaway that’s peaceful and soothing. The treehouse hidden deep among the Walton forests

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