The Treehouse is your one-stop shop for luxurious camping.

This is a luxurious camping trip in its entirety! Imagine a very small dwelling. This 12×12-foot treehouse features an outdoor kitchen, a table with seating for two, a lounger and chair, internet, and a smart TV with streaming access to Netflix, Hulu, showtime, and HBO now.



On the Cumberland Plateau, this treehouse is situated at 16.2 miles away from Fall Creek Falls State Park and 9 miles away from Savage Gulf Natural Area.

This luxurious camping trip will offer you and your friends something to speak about for a very long time.

The entire camping experience, minus the hassle of setting up camp and interacting with other campers. Simply bring your own clothes and food, and prepare to have a once in a lifetime adventure!

After a long and stressful week at work, it was precisely what we needed.

The second day consisted primarily of us napping, and we were irritated with ourselves for not making better use of the environment.

The projector that was installed underneath the Airbnb made for the ideal setting for the group to unwind and enjoy some movies together.

The atmosphere created by the lights that were hung out over the pathway was really cool. Simply said, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

We spent our days off exploring the local state parks, and our evenings were filled with relaxing and enjoyable activities that took place in private settings.

The cabin was spotless, and the host’s thoughtful attention to detail made the experience truly unforgettable!

The house located in Southern Living’s 5 Minute Town.



The concept was initially only a piece of plywood nailed into the trees from which people could shoot nerf guns.

On the ground floor of the treehouse is a single full-sized bed that can also be used as a couch.

The loft on the second floor contains two twin beds that are not only extremely comfy but also brand new. These beds are ideal for children and people who weigh less than 175 pounds or are shorter than 5 feet 10 inches.

The entire area is around 17 square feet and is located on our three-acre property in the woods from our primary residence.

The treehouse provides kids with a number of exciting opportunities to engage in activities such as climbing to it, climbing up it, and sliding down it.

The Tree House is beautiful, and a stay there is highly recommended.

Rachel is really kind; she invited our daughters to feed the duck and chicks, which was a wonderful experience for all of us.

The fact that both a refrigerator and a tiny refrigerator were advertised as luxuries was the only thing that let me down.

Because there was only a little refrigerator, the frozen food that we had purchased had to be discarded.

The area has been well designed, and it’s such a fantastic adventure!

This location is a true GEM! Super adorable neighborhood hangout. Amazing location, hidden in the trees to provide the impression of seclusion while still being only a few minutes away from the city center.

My daughter had a great time on the zip line and participating in the other fun activities that are available outside.

The Hot Tub and Treehouse Getaway



The treehouse provided a really tranquil environment. Darrell followed the directions extremely well and was very receptive to any questions or concerns I raised.

 The treehouse in and of itself was very charming. The treehouse was the perfect place for us to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday because it had everything we required.

 Everything that Darrell listed was available, with the exception of the wifi and the television, neither of which was worth using.

This treehouse was out of this world. Due to the fact that it is so hot outside, I looked for a treehouse that has air conditioning. Therefore, this location was ideal.

 It appeared exactly the same as the photographs. It was quite clean, and I didn’t see any bugs inside, which was a relief because that was one of my biggest concerns.

 The location is stunning, and it’s also really soothing. Incredible luxuries such as a personal chef and massages were provided for guests.

The treehouse was breathtaking, and not only did it provide us with everything we required but also made it simple to get around.

The treehouse itself is located on a shared woodland parcel, which means that although it is not completely secluded, it nevertheless has the sensation of a refuge.

This experience went well beyond the concept of simple “self care” for just myself.

At this rustic cabin, we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. One of the things that would have made our stay far more enjoyable if we had access to it is the ability to adjust the outdoor speakers.

 The neighborhood is filled with other distinctive homes, which contributes to an overall more pleasant atmosphere.

The getaway treehouse on the mountain



People who are looking for peace and quiet away from the clamor of city life will find that the Getaway Treehouse is the perfect place to stow away for the night. It is the ideal escape because to its location high in the beautiful hills and its convenient location.

You will feel an incredible sense of calm and tranquility wash over you as you make your way up the winding path that leads to this enchanting hideaway. This is something you will experience as you make your way up the route.

 This ethereal abode, which is located under a lush green canopy, offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to withdraw into the bosom of mother nature.

The reassuring sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, combined with the melodic tune of birds chirping, forms a symphony that is both comforting and invigorating at the same time.

 You will almost instantly feel the stress leaving your body as you immerse yourself in the magnificence and calm that are all around us when you enter the warm and inviting refuge when you come here.

 Those with weary spirits who are looking for peace will discover that the Getaway Treehouse on the mountain gives an escape that is truly one of a kind and will not soon be forgotten.

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