The Treehouse is a great place to unwind.

The Celesterra treehouse is the ideal retreat for recharging your batteries and revitalizing your spirit because it is encircled by breathtaking natural scenery.



The ideal method to unwind and be in touch with nature at the same time.

Cha’e and Stella are really wonderful people! When you first meet someone, you are immediately put at ease and made to feel like you belong because to the person’s positive energy and kind demeanor.

It is a truly one-of-a-kind and remarkable adventure deep into the forest!

We spent a truly wonderful week at the Celesterra Tre House; the hosts are the greatest we’ve ever encountered, and the setting is full of love, relaxation, and the beauty of nature.

This was an absolutely incredible adventure. One that was both easy and difficult, and which provided my partner with

This tree house is very breathtaking, and staying here is more like an adventure than a simple overnight stay.

These hosts provide a genuine and comprehensive experience. Cha’e and Stella are very friendly and engaging with their guests. Cha’e is very helpful.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is right in the neighborhood, and both Waynesville and Asheville can be reached with a short car ride.

It is clear that they place a high level of care and pride in their environment. Excellent hospitality, and an unforgettable trip overall!

It is located in a beautiful region of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and there are waterfalls all around! Also, Charles and Stella are amazing people. They have considered everything, and while they make you feel extremely cared for, they also respect your right to personal space.

The treehouse is the space is perfect




This location is ideal for a weekend trip for a romantic couple or for a small party looking to explore Southern Pines.



Take advantage of our comfortable loft, spacious yard, spacious furniture and bedding, and the environment that is reminiscent of a fairytale! Although we are in the middle of the woods, we have provided you with every modern convenience so that you can have the feeling of being at home.


You will find that the backyard offers a lot of space for you to stretch out and take it easy.


There is a fence that separates the tree house property from the other single-family home on which it is co-located as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).


Please keep in mind that this is a glamping experience, and as such, it is not uncommon for a wandering insect to make its way through the enormous bottle glass window! I am grateful that you comprehended.


A stay unlike any other! The rooftop proved to be a popular gathering spot for guests. An ideal location close to a variety of exciting activities and eateries


The location was as adorable as it appeared in the pictures. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the air conditioning and the water temperature and pressure worked.


The location was immaculate, completely private, and warm and inviting. Excellent in all respects, including responsiveness, flexibility, and helpfulness.


The treehouse had a rustic appearance, just like it was described. It is in close proximity to their house and can be accessed through the driveway.


The actual treehouse is such a delightful surprise, and it lives up to the expectations set by the photographs.

An absolutely one of a kind adventure! Additionally, I worked from home on one of the days that I was there, and the quality of the WiFi was excellent.

The treehouse in nature




The Tessunge river, which originates on Norway’s Hardangervidda plateau and flows southward, will give you the distinct impression of being completely submerged in the surrounding natural environment.


Full-length windows that run the length of the living space provide unrivaled views of the rushing river and the woodland that lies beyond it.



The area has been thoughtfully built to have a surprisingly generous capacity, which means that in addition to being perfect for a couple on a romantic retreat, it is also able to accommodate families and large groups of people.


On the lower level, there are two sleeping alcoves, each furnished with a luxury double mattress and offering views of the surrounding foliage.


A cozy sleeping loft with a queen-sized bed, panoramic windows, and a giant skylight can be found on the mezzanine level of the second floor. From this loft, you will get a breathtaking view of the night sky as you drift off to sleep, making for a really unforgettable experience.


It’s a magical spot where you can warm yourself with a cup of coffee while watching the sun go down or the snow fall, all while snuggled up in a cozy woolen blanket and enjoying the view.


The house and the view were both even more beautiful in person than they appeared in the photographs.


We were given a tour of the campground along with a warm and kind greeting when we arrived.


We enjoyed a fantastic and relaxed time in the treehouse, where we fed the birds and squirrels while taking advantage of the beautiful weather.


It is a very unique location, and the treehouse offers a breathtaking perspective of the river.

The treehouse looked great and was very clean.




We had a great time during our visit, and the fact that there were no electronics made it an ideal setting for us to connect as a family.


A really tranquil setting in which to disconnect from modern technology and reconnect with mother nature.


The treehouse was exactly as described in the description, and despite its diminutive size, the room was airy and offered sufficient space for three people.


The only drawback is that you have to climb some stairs to get to the treehouse, so you should be prepared to walk quite a distance to get there (she does include this in the description, so you are well aware of it in advance).


There were a plethora of restaurants and things to do in the neighborhood, in addition to hiking trails that were just a short distance down the road and accessible on foot.


We had a wonderful day at The Lions Lair. The natural beauty of the setting was really relaxing for my family.


The drive up to the cabin, which included traveling through the tunnel, as well as the short trail leading up to the house, was fun for all of us.


While we were disconnected from the rest of the world, the house was immaculate and well-kept, and guests had access to a selection of board games.


The presence of the fire pit for making s’mores and the activities that were available for us to play made for a very enjoyable evening with the hubby and the children.


We will most certainly encourage our family and friends to take a trip to this place so that they, too, may have the pleasant unplugged and tranquil time that we had there, and we will also make plans to visit again in the near future.


We were overjoyed to discover that the tree house included a shower and a toilet that flushed, as well as running water.

Because there is no WiFi or service, you are considered to be “off the grid,” which provides a welcome change of scenery and helps clear your thoughts.

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