The Treehouse has a beautiful living space.

The Treehouse has a beautiful People who feel the need to experience profound relaxation and reflection, healing from bereavement, a new path in life, and a stronger connection with nature can stay at the treehouse.



The Celesterra is a sacred area that spans 230 square feet and is suspended between the earth and the sky at a height of approximately 15 feet above the ground.

Your meditations, musings, and relaxation will all benefit from the exceptional peace and quiet of this location.

Along the river, there is additional forested lowland and woodland that totals more than 15 acres. You can stroll down the riverbank which is approximately 700 feet long, which features a swift stream that is so pure that you can drink from it.

There is a parking spot fairly close to Celesterra that may be reached by driving along a dirt road that is surrounded by mountains.

The ideal method to unwind and be in touch with nature at the same time. The Celesterra treehouse is the ideal retreat for recharging your batteries and revitalizing your spirit because it is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery.

We spent a truly wonderful week at the Celesterra Tre House; the hosts are the greatest we’ve ever encountered, and the setting is full of love, relaxation, and the beauty of nature.

This was an absolutely incredible adventure. A calming and difficult one that provided my spouse and I with the opportunity to clear our minds and take some time to ourselves, so that we can better care for one other.

This tree house is very breathtaking, and staying here is more like an adventure than a simple overnight stay.

The luxury treehouse, romance forest pool, and magical forest



The resort consisting of a small treehouse and beautiful environment may be found in Fredericksburg.

The excellent accommodations in our isolated woodland are only minutes away from all of the stunning shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs in the area, as well as the vineyards.

This location is out of this world! It was the ideal place for a couple to escape away for some quality time together. In addition, we took use of the hotel’s massage services and had a wonderful, rejuvenating time.

Just outside of the main part of Fredericksburg is where you’ll find this pleasant spot. The house has an ingenious layout that is also aesthetically intriguing.

There are some shortcomings that could be improved upon. When the air conditioner is running, you cannot use the loft space located upstairs.

The air does not circulate to the loft, thus it is really hot in there.

The location of the hotel was ideal in relation to downtown Fredericksburg.

There was a wide selection of delectable dining options available, including restaurants, vineyards, and breweries.

This property has a wonderful setting and was extremely quiet throughout the day. We walked to the community area with the intention of reading, but we ended up sleeping in the hammock instead.

This location was spectacular in every way. It is the ideal place to unwind and calm down after a stressful day. The location was gorgeous down to the tiniest of details, and the amenities were a welcome bonus.

The treehouse was facing the setting sun.



The small cabin has a sofa for the day that can be converted into a real bed for the evening, electricity

Their genuine kindness and hospitality made us feel incredibly welcome and right at home.

The attention to detail and thoughtfulness put into the cabin left us truly impressed.

It was evident that Nicola and his family had poured their hearts into creating a cozy and charming space for their guests.

If you’re looking for a tranquil and cozy retreat with wonderful hosts, Nicola’s Airbnb is the perfect choice. We had such a memorable experience and would love to return in the future.

It had everything we needed despite being quite a little space. We’re not that tall so we had plenty of headroom.

They gave us a hearty breakfast every day, let us borrow their bikes, and even gave us a lift to the station on our last day! We could not have hoped for a better holiday.

The treehouse is unusual and has the effect of a return to childhood! It is really very pretty, both inside and outside, although the cabin is located at the end of Nicolas’s garden, so the view of the house and vegetable garden are unavoidable

 The treehouse is lovely, with a rustic side and modern amenities. It was wonderful to watch the sunset behind the mountains listening to the cows around.

The Nature cabin with a hot tub and sauna.



The Nature cabin with a hot tub and sauna and we are a family in love with nature and love traveling the world.

We built this stronghold of peace and tranquility, where in addition to living we offer people looking for a true Airbnb experience and tranquillity, where in addition to living.

We offer for people looking for a true Airbnb experience to say,

The Chalet has all the amenities to welcome a couple with a balcony surrounded by trees that will allow you to relax and breathe fresh air using and outdoor jacuzzi and wood-burning fireplace to warm the cold days.

The Location of the treehouse is 2.5 Km form Jurere Beach and 4.1 km from Canasvieiras Beach.

The Land has 8,000 square meters of green space of which are three thousand meters of green space of which are three thousand meters fenced are.

Because we are in contact with the Atlantic forest, several animals and birds can be seen, such as marmosets, parrots, toucans woodpeckers, and blue rooks, among others.

The treehouse was super helpful and thought about Etiane and the greenhouse.

The tree house was wonderful we loved our stay and enjoyed, This treehouse is very romactic trip

The Sauna and surroundings are world class and the view is amazing inside the house feels very homey, No better place to start and end your day.

The location is magical, The view is beautiful you’re surrounded by nature the spa tub and sauna provide for an amazing romantic experience.

The Wi-Fi reception is great not far from all the beaches and tourist attractions but secluded and private at the same time.

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