The Treehouse at Crystal Peak is a great place

The Treehouse lookout is available 365 days a year and has a wood-burning stove that may be used to keep warm at night or heat your coffee in the morning.



 After a long day of snowshoeing or hiking, you may unwind and refresh your body in the on-site wood-burning sauna that is located below.

On top of Stranger Peak near Chewelah, Washington was the original location of the lookout that was constructed in 1959 and given the name Crystal Peak.

There was a wealth of activities available, stunning landscape, and the setting gave off the impression of being quite secluded.

The usage of pretty much everything you might possibly require for an outdoor excursion is at your disposal.

A lot of effort was put in by the host to make the lookout as comfortable as possible by providing a variety of food items, equipment for brewing coffee, cooking utensils, dishes, and cutlery, as well as a good supply of firewood.

The sauna was a wonderfully relaxing experience, and the cold bucket shower that came after was a refreshing contrast.

The route in was just as described, however we were able to drive our 4×4 all the way to the base of the tower.

It was a lovely addition that there was a hoist bucket at the foot of the tower to help us transport our larger goods to the top of the structure.

Everything, including firewood, supplies for the bathroom, water, and so on, was taken care of for you.

Having the opportunity to experience the fire tower was incredible. Incredible for stargazing because there is very little light pollution. Never before have I seen the stars shine with such brilliance.

The Tree House is ideal for a passionate pair.



A stay unlike any other! The rooftop proved to be a popular gathering spot for guests. An ideal location close to a variety of exciting activities and eateries

The bedroom’s bed. In addition to having to crawl into the bed, there is a very significant space that separates the steps from the bed platform, which you will need to stretch across or crawl over in order to access the bed.

It’s not the best option for people who have physical limitations or who have to go to the restroom in the middle of the night.

The location was immaculate, completely private, and warm and inviting. Excellent in all respects, including responsiveness, flexibility, and helpfulness. Incredible hiking paths are not too far away, and neither are breathtaking vistas or exciting outdoor activities.

A genuine treehouse complete with a cozy bed, a charming claw-foot tub, and a series of entertaining spiral staircases.

The treehouse had a rustic appearance, just like it was described. It is in close proximity to their house and can be accessed through the driveway.

The treehouse was incredible, and I will be forever thankful to the host for allowing us to stay for only one night rather than the minimum of two required.

This was SUCH a delightful place to stay! Being in a treehouse was a very fascinating experience, and I adored every aspect of the treehouse, from the luxurious shower to the lofted bed.

This location, as well as Southern Pines overall, was very dog-friendly, and we delighted in the fact that we were able to bring our canine companions along with us on our short vacation.

The view from the Treehouse of the setting sun



After the warm greeting we received from his adoring parents, we had a feeling that this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Because of their warmhearted compassion and generous hospitality, we had the distinct impression that we were being welcomed into their house.

We were left quite delighted by the consideration and attention to detail that had been put into the cabin.

It is the most artistically put together Airbnb that I’ve ever seen and has the most pleasant atmosphere.

We are not particularly tall, so there was plenty of headroom for both of us.

In addition to that, the bed was quite cozy! We were able to completely unwind in the natural setting by gazing at the stars, watching the sunset over a mountain range, and being surrounded by lush vegetation.

Additionally, we were able to see the cows and a cute goat from our vantage point. Even though we didn’t utilize the grill, we think it would have been a fantastic idea.

The treehouse is out of the ordinary, and being inside of it makes one feel like they’re back in their childhood! Even though it is situated at the very end of Nicolas’s property, the cabin manages to look rather charming both on the inside and the outside.

The treehouse is out of the ordinary, and being inside of it makes one feel like they’re back in their childhood! It actually is rather lovely in appearance.

 Every last thing, down to the minutest of minutiae, is attended to. We fell in love with the treehouse over and over again.

The location is quite convenient to find, and the view from the window is beautiful.

The hosts are wonderful people who are very kind and helpful. You have the impression of being their guest.

The Treehouse cabin with a hot tub and sauna



We are a family that adores being outside and taking adventures all over the world.

We constructed this haven of calm and serenity, and in addition to making it our home, we make it available as a place to stay for anyone who are looking for an authentic Airbnb experience.

The cabin is fully equipped to provide a comfortable stay for a couple, including a sauna, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a wood-burning stove to keep guests toasty on chilly evenings.

The balcony, which is encircled by trees, is the perfect location to unwind and take in some clean air.

The land features a total area of 8,000 square meters of green space, 3,000 square meters of which are contained within a fence.

The tranquility of the treehouse is unparalleled, and the breathtaking vistas are even more breathtaking in person.

 It is the perfect spot for a relaxing get-away tucked away in the woods, as it is both quiet and cozy.

The home is of extremely high quality and has been well kept; it features an incredible sauna and a jacuzzi.

The sauna and its surrounds are of the highest quality, and it is something that I would suggest to anyone.

The house has a wonderful, cozy atmosphere within, and the scenery outside is breathtaking.

The scenery is breathtaking, and you can’t help but feel one with nature.

A wonderful opportunity for a romantic evening is provided by the sauna and spa tub.

The conveniences offered are impeccable in every way. The reception on the WIFI is excellent.

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