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The Tree House with the Beautiful View

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In the episode, we will see a The Tree House with the Beautiful View located in USA.

The builder is Sunary Kelly he’s a famous pacific northwest builder he does these crazy places when you come here there were other things on the market but it had to be this place, this house is on orcas is land you get here by ferry hour and 20-minute ferry very special place.

This is the main living room it’s really difficult to furnish because it’s got 12 sides to it the 12 sides are a sacred amount of sides, of course, it couldn’t be four walls we have a curved couch fir ht curved wall every door is handmade you can open it up and get little error and then those are burls the window all cathedral shaped window.

the bathroom of the Tree house

This is a toilet room the interior door have unique handles so this is the toilet room we put this additional spalted alder live edge with a cherry backsplash we found this metal company that does these really unique metal war in portland and this bathroom is very small space everything has to be just right here’s the tub room.

This is skylight brings more light to the original tub we redid the floor the tub is really deep as it used to when we got here the water went out the back they just had a pipe going to the backyard so since when we don’t it the right way put it into the septic one person fits in there very comfortable two people can fit.

the kitchen of the Tree house

This is a kitchen that is off the main room down the hall finally you can see the curved wall so it makes putting this kitchen very difficult all the angles had to perfect love edge alder we believe copper sink and we got a smaller propane stove fridge everything had to fit perfectly and then we needed.

Tree house

the bedroom

This is the main bedroom with six-sided kind of unique trimming of the windows these windows were recycled we put the biggest windows out that way have some privacy for the french door so that there’s more light this is sort of an office closet let’s head up the stair and show you the tower bedroom.

Tree house

There’s is your tower bedroom you can find the windows with the cool latches and then the balcony out here you get to observe everything out here it’s really a great spot to hang out and contemplate so you can see what’s going down below the view that amazing.

Tree house

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