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Top 10 Most Beautiful Houses

In this episode, we see the top 10 most beautiful houses!

The top 10 most beautiful and Charming houses!

The Casa Kuna House

This Casa Kuna house is located in Fredericksburg, Texas it is surrounded by Joshua trees which is a nice location where you can enjoy and reset your mind with the fresh air and stargaze at night and the interior of this cabin is very beautiful and cozy as well.
The Casa Kuna House | Tiny Houses

The Tiny House Retreat

This tiny house is located in Atlanta, Georgia it’s like right in the heart of Atlanta and it can sleep four people the outdoor area is all enclosed it’s very private for being right in Atlanta.

The inside layout is very cool for a tiny house and it is bright, airy, and wrapped in shiplap this tiny house has 2 king-size beds one on the first floor and one in the loft area this tiny house also has a beautiful full-size kitchen and a bathroom and everything you need.The Tiny House Retreat | Tiny houses

Tiny houses

The Casita Conejo House

This tiny house is located in Joshua Tree, California this tiny house design is very very unique and practical it is two-story and it’s only 300 square feet it’s an open and airy layout that can sleep four people.

This house has a private patio space, a private hot tub, a beautiful backyard, a clean bathroom, a kitchen, a charming living room, and a bedroom.The Casita Conejo House | Tiny houses

The Shotgun House

This House design is very especially on the inside it was featured on fixer upper and the interior is truly incredible it was just a treat being inside of this house.

This house has beautiful hardwood floors that lead from the front door past the gourmet kitchen to your sleeping quarters and this tiny house also has a full-size kitchen, Dedicated workspace, a TV, Washer and Dryer, a Balcony, Backyard, and free parking on premises.

This Beautiful shotgun house is located in Waco, Texas. | Tiny houses
This Beautiful shotgun house is located in Waco, Texas.

The Rocks Shipping Container House

This shipping container home is located in Rising Fawn, Georgia it is a beautiful place and lookout mountain Georgia the view from the shipping container home is like you’re on top of this awesome mountain and this shipping container home is unique in itself it was very cozy and a nice place to reconnect and relax.

Container houses

The Tulum House

This tropical house is located in Tulum, Mexico if you want to visit Tulum this house suggest for you and this house is very cheap for what you get you have a private backyard with a pool you have a balcony off the master bedroom and this very nice bathroom with the bathtub and the inside were all open and very unique.The Tulum House | Beautiful Houses

The Little River Tiny House

This house is located in Maryville, Tennessee it’s a very beautiful design, and this tiny house also has a secret in quotations rooftop deck it opens up the window of the bedroom and you get onto the rooftop deck which is such a cool idea.

This tiny house has a lot of unique ideas to it like these stairs that are all zigzagged it looks cool and you have a fire pit on the outside you just get a great view of the river right in front of this tiny house.

The Stargazing Tiny House

This tiny house is located in Twentynine Palms, California there are a lot of josh retreats it’s unique in itself that the master bedroom half of the roof was open for you to look out into the stars and sleep under the stars at night.

It barely rains in Joshua trees so you always have a good view of the stars and the temperature of sleeping outside it is very comfortable it has a hammock and an outdoor fire pit area and the inside is very unique and cozy.

The Sycamore Treehouse

This Sycamore Treehouse is located in Fredericksburg, Texas this location is very private the interior design and layout of this is incredible it’s quite bright and airy this whole wall of windows just floods in natural light and you have a wonderful view of all the nature around you lots of wildlife and everything and then you can just walk out into the deck area and just hang out here with your significant other or a couple of friends.

The Cliffs House

This cliff is located on hawking hill it is a gigantic cabin that sleeps 18 people and all of the amenities and everything included is phenomenal.

The interior design on point is so cozy and there’s even a hidden staircase in the living room that leads downstairs and to the back of the house, there is a waterfall swimming that is a very beautiful and comfortable place.

This is a secluded and private place you could stay here for three or four nights to enjoy and reset your mind.

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