The Tiny House perched on the ridge

The Tiny house that clung to the side of the ridge You will be able to reacquaint yourself with nature if you spend some time inside of this one-of-a-kind little cottage.


Tiny house


When standing at the highest point of a ridge, one is treated to a breathtaking panorama of the Alps. A modern and contrasted interior design that combines the warmth and coziness that can only be found in a home of a certain size.


Due to your location’s close proximity to the boundary of a farm that spans 275 acres, you will definitely be able to hear the whippoorwill at night and the gobble of turkeys during the day.


Despite its modest size, this home has all of the essentials for a restful get-away, making it an ideal choice for a vacation rental.

The kitchen is equipped with the basics (salt, pepper, oil, condiments, and a Keurig coffee and tea maker),


in addition to a refrigerator of a reasonable size, a stove top with two burners, a combination convection oven and microwave, and a convection oven. The kitchen also contains a combined convection oven and microwave.


A ship’s ladder allows access to a loft that features a Cocoon bed by Sealy in a queen size and is located there. This bed may be found in the loft area of the house.


My grandparents own a property that spans 275 acres, and on top of it is this tiny cottage that looks like it might fall over at any moment.

You are provided with your very own private parking lot, in addition to a private entrance that is accessed by a gravel road.


This cozy cottage is ideal for a visit at Lexus’s place, where one may unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The course of our stay, the hammock and the Adirondack chairs stood out as special high points for us; this spot is absolutely unparalleled in terms of its capacity to allow guests to take in the natural splendor of the surrounding area.


The lovely Tiny house with a view



Tiny house


Anyone who wants to experience the natural splendor of Brown County in a setting that isn’t your average log cabin will find the tiny house with view to be the ideal place to get away from it all and unwind.


Spend some time around the firepit, take in the breathtaking scenery from the balcony, and then head into Nashville to explore the city’s one-of-a-kind eateries and retail establishments.


The can be found in the lovely town of Nashville, Indiana, just two miles outside of the city proper. You are able to find true getaway in the natural surroundings, while still being close enough to experience everything that downtown Nashville has to offer in a convenient manner.


The house is beautiful in every way! We made use of the wonderful deck throughout the day as well as in the evenings, and it looks out onto the forest and has everything you could want.


This secluded site was perfect for us. It is in such close proximity to everything that Nashville has to offer, from hiking trails to shopping. It is remote, and as a result, you feel both safe and removed from your normal life.


The Plhaus is an impressive sight to behold in person, from the approach to the property to the contemporary interior design of the house.


Our time spent at the Plahaus was quite enjoyable to us. The location was stunning, immaculate, and warmly inviting.


This stunning mansion was exactly as it seems in the images when it comes to its location, design, and construction. This was such a lovely vacation in such a unique setting.

The Tiny house located in Fort Wayne



Tiny house


We are pleased to welcome you to the cutest little home in all of Fort Wayne! Our guests like being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life at our country retreat, which is tucked away next to the woods.


You’ll feel as though you’re resting in the middle of the forest thanks to the bedroom’s stunning windows, which measure 9 feet tall, yet you’ll still have complete privacy.


We have just finished renovating this adorable small shed, and as part of the project, we added a stunning bedroom as well as a private bathroom right outside the door.


The breathtaking nine-foot-tall historic windows that stare out into the forest provide a magnificent view to wake up to in the morning and give the impression that you are deep within the forest.


A comfortable night’s sleep may be had on the queen-sized bed, which features a mattress by Tuft & Needle and sheets made entirely of cotton.


The original space of a small shed has been converted into a cozy little living room that also functions as a dining area and workplace. Our coffee shop serves coffee that is roasted in the immediate area.


This magnificent apartment offered the feeling of luxury and seclusion, although being only ten minutes away from a variety of exciting restaurants.


The stay was wonderful in every way. Everything was spotless, and Dean and Nancy had thought of virtually everything and then some in order to make our stay as comfortable as possible. We were always astonished by how thoughtful they were.


We had a wonderful time during our visit! Everything was exactly as it had been described. At night, we delighted in sitting by the fire and enjoying the cozy lodgings.

The Container Tiny house



Tiny house


This one-of-a-kind house was once a 20 foot shipping container. We installed pine shiplap as internal paneling and insulation.


The exterior is covered in cedar paneling, and the original container is still visible through the openings.


The original shipping container doors are used as the entrance. We changed the doors’ steel panels to more aesthetically pleasing full glass.



The rooftop patio is encircled by a railing made of handmade cable and illuminated by LED lights that can be changed to any color you like.


The deck can be reached via stairs with staggered treads.


We were pleasantly surprised to find Hulu available, and we watched a hilarious comedy before calling it a night.


We stayed up for hours, just chatting and laughing on the roof.


It was great to be away from the city and relax in the fresh air while gazing at the horses in the backyard.

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