The Tiny House Mountain Retreat in Hawaii.

In this episode, we will see The Tiny House Mountain Retreat in Hawaii.

The tiny house mountain retreat in hawaii

The tiny house mountain retreat in hawaii
This tiny house is located in Hawaii it’s only about 15 minutes outside of the airport in Kona, it’s surrounded by the rainforest, mountains, and the sea.

On this property, there are three tiny houses total on the slot all hosted by the same people, the fire pit area is located in the front of this tiny house it’s a big fire pit area for 10 people.Tiny house

There is an outdoor dining area on the left side you have the tables and you have a couple of grills out here it is a very nice place to enjoy.
This beautiful tiny house on wheels has a front porch area it’s perfect to relax and enjoy the beautiful view, there is a dining table in the middle with four seating options, and the flowers and the wall make this space more private.The tiny house mountain retreat in hawaii

The Living Space of The Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house looks very minimalist and stylish and it’s very bright and airy there is an L shape couch that you also can pull out and it becomes an additional bed.

It’s very comfortable and a circle mirror above that, the shiplap wall and the windows it’s very unique.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen area is all wood design and is a very beautiful and cozy space, on the right side there is a dining area there are two spots right here, one’s a bar seat and the other one’s the seat for the dining table.Continue along you have a sink right behind this you have some cabinets underneath that there’s a drawer underneath that booth seat just for more additional storage and you have some floating shelves for your dishes as well.

Opposite this side also has a countertop area there are a lot of cabinets and additional storage that has all of your coffee needs or pots and pans and dishes and you have an oven below this it’s a small oven but it’s so cool to have.

The Bathroom of This Tiny House

This is a pretty small bathroom in the middle is your sink it’s very small and on the right side, you have your green toilets and on the left side, you have a nice shower there is perfectly good running hot water in here.

The First Loft of This Tiny House

The loft space of this tiny house is very unique they have the ladder stored underneath it so you can just unhook the ladder and take it down and put it up for your loft.
This loft area is very beautiful there is a queen-size bed it’s a very comfortable and cozy spot.

The Main Loft

This main loft area is larger than that one there is a king-size bed and you have some space over here on the right side to store some things even just crawling up into the loft you kind of need some space to have before you get into the bed.Tiny house

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