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We are delighted to have you visit our cozy Tiny House, which offers the ideal setting for unwinding and recharging amidst the splendor of nature.

Tiny House


And this little house on wheels is a Our chalet is the perfect home base from which to discover the surrounding area because of its convenient location just seven minutes from the heart of Mulhouse and its proximity to Colmar, the Parc des Expositions, Switzerland, Germany, and Basel-Mulhouse.

The accommodations have been constructed in a soothing way and come equipped with a spacious patio that looks out over a lovely pool.

The garden is large, and it features palm trees, olive trees, and a variety of other trees that are still quite young. These trees will provide shade for you on hot summer days.

The garden is enormous and sprawling, and it contains peach, plum, and apple trees. The swimming pool is spotless, and it’s a good size and depth overall.

During the hot days, we found that to be very enjoyable. The description makes note of the fact that the house is not a very large one.

It has everything that you could possibly need. Seb is an engaging host who is quick to respond to guests’ needs. Staying there was a pleasant experience.

It is an excellent location for day trips to Colmar and Strasbourg, as well as for walking, hiking, running, and cycling in the beautiful countryside that surrounds the hotel.

The quaint Tiny House nestled between the city and the forest.

Tiny House


The location is particularly significant since it is a hidden pocket of green in Buda’s district Xii, on the edge of the Normafa nature reserve for wonderful excursions in the forest, and yet it is on a bus line 15 minutes outside of the city center.

This makes it an ideal place to stay because it offers both convenience and seclusion.

The Tiny House may have a country look on the outside, but the inside has been modernized to a great extent.

It has a modern bathroom, electric heating from the Nordic region, a stove that burns wood, a fully equipped kitchen with an oven, a washing and dryer, and a refrigerator, and Nordic electric heating.

There is wifi, a desk to work at, a record player with some classic vinyl, a bluetooth speaker, solar and oil lanterns for a genuine camping atmosphere, and a very peaceful and quiet area for you to relax, unwind, or even work if you so desire.

Amazing geographic location! It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days and relax in such a breathtaking place.

It has been stressed by a number of other reviewers in their comments that you should not let the fact that it is situated on the outskirts of the city discourage you from going there.

The cabin has a cozy and welcoming ambiance, and it is completely furnished with everything you would require in order to prepare some meals for yourself and your guests.

He paid close attention to every little aspect and worked hard to create the spaces relaxing, appealing, and exciting. The environment is really amazing, the mattresses are comfortable, and the breakfast is delicious.

The Forest Romance: a Tiny House

Tiny House


The Tiny House is immaculately clean, possesses all that is necessary, is quite well furnished, and you have everything that is necessary and much more.

This location is ideal thanks to the tranquility, the gorgeous scenery, and the abundance of fun things to do in the surrounding area.

We were overjoyed to uncover this adorable small house in Malix in such a wonderful location. It has a lot of seclusion, stunning views, and a lot of necessary amenities.

This adorable alpine small house is tucked away, discreet, and simple, and it is equipped with everything you need to have a relaxing and delightful stay.

The Tiny House is furnished with many more amenities than we anticipated, and the interior design shows careful attention to every little detail. Every room exudes an air of genuine warmth and comfort.

It was sometimes difficult but always adventurous due to the cramped conditions, specifically the little kitchen, the boiler, and the connection to the bedroom on the lower floor.

 It was wonderful to simplify my life so that I could better appreciate the countryside. Even though it was too cold to enjoy the patio, the views were nonetheless breathtaking from the cozy interior of the building.

The site was perfect; it bridged the gap between the valley and the mountain, as well as between the city and the ski resort.

This Tiny house is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Tiny House


The chalet is surrounded on all sides by a private garden and enjoys an unobstructed view of the Aravis mountain range, the Plateau d’Assy, and the Mont Blanc mountain range.

It was everything we could have dreamed for and more when we first laid eyes on it in person! What a fantastically little and snug cabin, and what an absolutely breathtaking vista it affords!

Although this is a cute small cabin in a fantastic setting, we were unable to use the wood burner since it emitted an unacceptable amount of smoke out the door and chimney.

We informed the estate agent who manages the home about the issue, but we did not receive a response from them.

 In addition, we were unable to access the internet for the first four days of our visit, and even after that, it was unreliable.

When you open the door to the chalet, you are greeted by the downstairs living room. 1.50 meters from the ground is where the bottom of the bay windows are located in the living room. It is really unique and appealing in one respect.

The bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette are all just what you need. The combined sitting and dining space is still somewhat cramped.

The cabin is fantastic, offering utter relaxation away from all the commotion and providing a stunning view to boot.

This cabin is like a small piece of paradise! Very functional, has everything you could ever need, is wonderfully designed, and the view… well, what can you say about that?

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