The Tiny House is a Beautiful place to stay.

The farm stay in the Tiny House! Royal Meadows is the ideal place to take a break and catch your breath because of its prime location in close proximity to both the Dandong Ranges and the Yarran Valley.

 Tiny House


You will have a wonderful time during your stay here because you will be surrounded by picturesque horses, natural bushland, and rolling hills.

The Meadows Tiny House can be found in Macclesfield, Victoria, which is only ten minutes away from the Emerald township. It is located to the east of Melbourne’s major business district.

If you are seeking for a spot to hang out and unwind, if you adore the outdoors, the atmosphere, and the surroundings, then this is the place for you.

You have successfully reached the right destination. Because of the vibes that are being given off by this location, I find that it enhances the flavor of my coffee.

The Tiny Home provided a memorable experience and was situated in an incredible setting. During our vacation, our host Mary was amazing, and she was really helpful and nice to us.

Under the string lights that encircle the pop up gazebo, the outdoor space designed for a fire pit looks just beautiful.

The location was ideal, with breathtaking scenery all around where one could sit by the fire. Even further, she took us on a tour of her farm and introduced us to the various creatures there.

The space was exceptionally homey and well-kept, and the host, Tiny House, and Mary’s communication during the visit was particularly noteworthy for how helpful it was. Totally in awe with this wonderful little house,

The Tiny House contains a sizable living area.

 Tiny House


The quaint little cottage is situated on a hill in Mannerim, with a view of the beautiful Swan Bay below.

This one-of-a-kind retreat is set on a farm that spans 76 acres and provides every amenity need for a relaxing night away from home.

This was without a doubt one of the most stunning and one-of-a-kind accommodations I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The house is immaculately tidy and properly supplied, and the surrounding land is breathtaking and peaceful.

The view was breathtaking, the home was spotless, and the atmosphere was quite relaxing.

When the hosts described the tiny house as a “home away from home,” they were cordial and responsive, and it was clear that they meant what they said.

The house had been meticulously cleaned, and everything inside had been arranged in such a way as to be as space-saving and practical as possible.

The location was quite pleasant, and the view was breathtaking.

The actual tiny house was quite cute, and it contained everything we required in addition to a stunning collection of wine.

The outdoor furniture was just right, and the fire pit was a big success with everyone.

This quaint little spot lives up to its reputation for allure! Our time spent in this property was wonderful, since it made excellent use of the available space, and the surrounding landscape was breathtaking.

The space is lavishly appointed and features an extensive inventory of goods. It was a nice touch that they provided complimentary wine as well as bottles of water.

Private surroundings can be found at Tiny House.

 Tiny House


This Tiny House may be found tucked away in a lonely position in a valley, affording views of the beautiful hills that surround hundreds of acres of land.

 Because of our location in the heart of the Heathcote tourist zone, several of the region’s most renowned wineries are within easy walking distance from our establishment.

This Tiny House is supplied with all of the fundamental requirements for a pleasant get-away that is cut off from the grid, and it comes with all of the necessary amenities.

Included amenities are a free Wi-Fi connection, a fully furnished kitchen with a refrigerator and a stove, a queen bed that has a pillowtop mattress, and premium linens.

The place manages to be both private and fascinating at the same time. Having a good time hanging out close to the fire pit and eating BBQ was a highlight of my evening.

When we arrived, a number of lovely mountain goats greeted us at the entrance. The scenery was really serene, with sheep grazing and hills being illuminated by the sunset sun.

Spending the evening in Aimee’s warm and inviting home was one of the highlights of our weekend!

The inn is a place that should not be missed because it is located in a wonderful meadow and it has such beautiful views, from the boulders to the sky full of stars at night.

The view from the tiny house is just amazing, and it provides for all of your needs in any way, shape, or form.

A luxurious House for a camping trip

 Tiny House


This teeny cottage is a five-star wilderness hotel that is subtly integrated into the Wollombi area’s natural scenery. It is known for its seclusion and tranquility.

The installation of the hot tub that burned wood was a wonderful touch. I would recommend this Airbnb to anyone wishing to spend quality time in the great outdoors with their significant other, family, or friends.

This stay was excellent in every way! The images do not do justice to the peaceful atmosphere of the location. As soon as we got out of the car, we felt our tension melt away and our stress evaporate.

The setting is breathtaking, and as we opened our eyes in the morning, we were greeted by a misty valley and an incredible view of wallabies grazing just outside our window.

The ideal vacation destination for individuals who wish to reacquaint themselves with the natural world in the utmost style and comfort.

The house had a stunning design and meticulous details throughout, and the scenery was amazing.

The cabin is stunningly lovely, secluded, and just what one needs for a relaxing get-away. It was precisely how it was described, and the directions on how to get there were quite straightforward and simple to understand.

The cottage was everything we had hoped for, and being surrounded by nothing but nature brought such comfort and calm to our weekend getaway.

We found that it to be a very peaceful and calm weekend gateway. I adore the outdoors, particularly the kangaroos and the night sky. The ultimate camping experience in the form of a deluxe tiny house

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