The Tiny House in the Wild with a Mountain

This off-grid tiny House features a kitchenette with a bar refrigerator and an electric cooktop, a bathroom with a composting toilet, and a bedroom with a queen bed that is surrounded by three big windows.

 tiny House


Koala Rest, located on the South Coast of New South Wales, is considered to be the greatest of the South Coast due to its picturesque vistas and peaceful atmosphere, in addition to the convenience of being only a short drive away from Milton, Mollymawk Beach, and Ulladulla.

The location had a neat and orderly appearance. It seemed like a home away from home, and the bed was quite cozy.

It was an ideal place for a very private weekend vacation with an incredible view, and it was a terrific place to spend time.

When we first arrived, the atmosphere outside smelled like pee, but after a while, the odor disappeared.

The tiny House and the inclusions are quite simple, but the highlight of this property is undoubtedly the location. It’s just wonderful!

This site is really breathtaking in every way! The fact that there is such a large window right next to the bed makes the entire experience worthwhile.

The tiny House may be compact, but it is immaculately maintained and up to date.

The location is just BREATHTAKING. It was a breathtaking experience to wake up to those views.

The interior of the tiny House was created and decorated so exquisitely, and it had the coziest and most luxurious bed I’ve ever slept in.

Nature was all around the Tiny house.

 tiny House


The interior of the tiny House was created and decorated so exquisitely, and it had the coziest and most luxurious bed I’ve ever slept in.

Our stay spent at this location was FABULOUS. Both Melissa and Kelly were wonderful hosts, always ready to help and always smiling.

This was a lovely tiny House in a breathtaking position; it was simple to find and check in, and the bed, as well as the other facilities, were all of a very high standard.

A wonderful spot to relax and take in the beauty of nature. The location had all of the fundamental necessities available to its guests.

Although this tiny House features one of the most breathtaking vistas imaginable, there are a few aspects of the eco-friendly tiny house lifestyle that need to be improved before it can live up to its potential.

The view is really breathtaking! A straightforward Tiny House that provides all of the necessities for its occupants.

 One gets the impression that they are in a beautiful, private world, despite the fact that they are still in close proximity to adjacent townships when staying at this quaint small place for a couple of nights.

The tiny House had a pristine appearance and was meticulously taken care of. The views were breathtaking, and the fire pit was a nice touch to round off the experience.

It was almost like sleeping under the stars because to the enormous window that overlooked Pigeon house Mountain.

The house in Sojourn Kangaroo Valley is very cute.

 tiny House


The tiny House has recently been given a swanky makeover, and all of the old furniture and appliances have been swapped out for brand new versions of both.

The indoor fireplace, together with the outside firepit and the outdoor bath, were undeniably some of the most desirable features of the home. In addition to that, the location was perfect for a couple.

The entire property was meticulously tidy and attractively adorned, and the kitchen offered anything and everything that we would need throughout our stay.

The charming appearance of the modest house in Sojourn Kangaroo Valley makes it nearly impossible to refrain from purchasing one of these homes. The house manages to be both practical and charming at the same time.

Because it is situated in Kangaroo Valley, which is well-known for the serene beauty it offers to visitors, this charming residence exudes a sense of picturesque allure.

This tiny House exudes a cosy and welcoming ambience from every nook and cranny because to its well-designed floor plan, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as well as its lovely furnishings and other decorative elements.

While the interior features carefully selected furnishings and inventive storage solutions that maximize the use of space without sacrificing comfort, the outside is painted in soft pastel tones that mix in seamlessly with the natural landscape.

It is an illustration of the concept that size does not have to be a hindrance in order to achieve beauty and utility; rather, it is an opportunity to build a beautiful environment that actually has the ambience of a home.

This idea is demonstrated by the fact that this home has both of these qualities.

The tiny house is made of wood and powered by solar panels


The Shack on the Hill In the midst of the natural world, take in the sights, sounds, and activities of farm life while enjoying the bounty of the land at the farm’s café and cellar door.

This tiny House in the middle of an orchard is powered by solar, wind, and wood, and it’s surrounded by various farm animals. On the weekends, the restaurant and vineyard on the farm both serve organic food and wine produced on the estate.

The bed is uncomfortable, since the mattress is firm and there is no way to get comfortable on it. Additionally, the drapes only cover half of the windows, so even in the dark it is bright.

This location is one of the most fantastic locations I have ever gone in order to just reconnect with nature and with myself. It is absolutely stunning, and the tranquility here is unmatched.

We had a wonderful time in the cabin because it was so neat and quaint. When we were travelling in the dark at night, the instructions were right on and were of great assistance to us.

 It had everything you could possibly need, and we were grateful for the fresh bread, eggs, milk, and yogurt that were waiting for us upon arrival, as well as the coffee and tea that were provided.

A charming hamlet tucked up close to a winery that exudes old-world charm. As soon as we had the fire going, the atmosphere became incredibly cozy, and we were finally able to unwind away from the clamor and activity of city life.

This vacation was a wonderful time away. An ideal setting for unwinding and unwinding completely! cozy, peaceful, and warm.

We appreciated the sounds of nature as well as the winery that was next door.

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