The Tiny house has a lot of natural light.

The Tiny house has a lot of natural light. Tucked away between the beach and the coastal forests, this secluded spot is perfect for a vacation with the whole family.



This house has a welcoming open floor plan that is complemented by its consistent use of timber flooring throughout the house. Extremely well-liked for weekend excursions with groups of buddies and get-togethers with extended families.


And a sizable deck equipped with a grill for outside dining opportunities. Families will look forward to coming back to this gorgeous yard after spending the day at the beach so that they can relax and have fun together.


The cozy living room was a great place for our family to spend quality time together, and it proved to be an exceptionally useful resource on Christmas Day.


The children had a great time playing in the backyard, and all of the adults enjoyed the convenience of having an outdoor shower.


On the magnificent terrace of the home, which offers a view of the woods that are all around, sunbathers can relax and soak up some rays.


Because the basement area features its own room in addition to its own bathroom, this location is an excellent option for hosting a number of members of a large family.


Although we had a wonderful time making use of the Weber grill, we were unable to make use of some of the more modern comforts, such as a microwave or a clothes dryer.


The very first impression of this home was quite favorable.One of the most memorable parts of our vacation was the time we got to spend with this warm and welcoming family in their bright and open house.

The interior of the House is just breathtaking




This gorgeous hideaway is the ideal destination for couples who are looking for a romantic get-away since it is the ultimate refuge and because it is the best location for a romantic get-away.

And the intrepid travelers who are eager to explore the beauties of Bicheno on their own and who would rather do so in a calm and peaceful environment.


This home is a treasure that lies dormant, waiting to be unearthed by the right person, and it may be discovered nestled away in an atmosphere that is serene and private.



The house is a breathtaking refuge that can be found right in the middle of Hobart’s bustling city center. It is the perfect combination of opulent living space and stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside.


This architectural masterpiece, which is surrounded on all sides by undulating hills and verdant flora, is the epitome of the seamless integration of contemporary design and the fascination of the natural world. It is a masterpiece because it exemplifies the seamless integration of contemporary design and the allure of the natural world.



You are met by fashionable interiors as soon as you come through the front entry, which are decked out with fine furnishings and fashionable decorations as soon as you enter the building.


The rooms are bathed in natural light as a result of the floor-to-ceiling windows, which also allow stunning viewpoints of the natural surroundings in which the building is situated. This retreat in Hobart will easily accommodate all of your requirements, regardless of whether you are looking for a peaceful place to get away from it all or a place to have fun with your friends and family.

The tiny house in the days hill country




The Daysy Hill Country Cottages in Port Campbell are located in the middle of the Shipwreck Coast and are surrounded by expansive grounds with picturesque views of the countryside.


During your journey along the Great Ocean Road, take some time to unwind, relax, and discover new places in our warm and inviting self-contained accommodations.


We are conveniently positioned just to the north of Port Campbell, only ten minutes by car from the famous 12 Apostles, and not far from the 12 Apostle’s Gourmet Trail, which has some of the best local cuisine.


The country cottage is on a single floor and feels like a home away from home because to its open-concept kitchen, living, and dining areas as well as its balcony, which offers stunning views of the gardens and Newfield Valley at sunset.


The living space features a rev    erse cycle heating and cooling system in addition to an electric fireplace. The individual bedrooms are heated by electric space heaters.


It is quite quiet and tidily kept, too. An idyllic country estate. There aren’t many conveniences close by; the nearest little town is Port Campbell. The selection of eateries available is extremely limited.


Calm may be found on the balcony of the cottages during sunset. It is located directly on the major road leading to Port Chambers, making it quite easy to get to, but it is set back far enough from the road to be quiet and restful.



The cottage has a fantastic location, being only 10 minutes away from London Bridge and 15 minutes away from the Apostles respectively.


The cottage is spacious, and in addition to the things you require, there is a track.

The house has views of the ocean and the forest.




The property is set against a stunning background that perfectly encapsulates the allure of nature thanks to its views of both the ocean and the surrounding woodland.

One can’t help but feel a sense of peace sweep over them as the golden rays of sunlight dance across the waters of the ocean.

The peaceful rustling of the leaves and the lilting chirping of the birds combine to produce a symphony of tranquility that permeates the atmosphere.

Every window in the house acts as a picture frame, displaying the ever-evolving work of nature that is located just beyond the home.

This property actually provides a connection to the natural world that is unmatched by any other, whether it is via the experience of viewing the vivid oranges and purples of a sunset or through the marveling at the thick foliage that surrounds the house.

The panoramic views of the ocean and the surrounding forest serve as a daily reminder of the huge treasures and endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Inviting residents and visitors to take part in an endless variety of activities and create memories that will last a lifetime in an environment where land and water coexist in harmony.

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